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Clear Skies

Guest telescope4u

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Your not having much luck are you nabban.... :lol:

We had clear skies on Friday from just before dawn, managed a quick look at Jupiter, and Venus through the 80 wide field and had a quick look with modified camera lens with adapter. Sunny all day, and guess what, as the Sun set the clouds rolled in.

I am jealous of you lot, but keep your freezing temperatures, it's a reasonable 6 to 10 degrees here.


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ok u northern lads and lasses dont take the micheal its P***** down here , have pity onm us southern guys who are sulking in the cornere ehehheheheheh .

:(:D :D :p :p :p:D

Lay off us Northerns, I am suffering the same as you OM, and for longer. So far this year, I have managed 2 good nights and three horrible ones, (wind)

After all you have managed some crackin images, and they are as near as I get to observing most nights! :lol::( :( :D:p :p :D:(:p

They say New Zealand is the land of the long white cloud, I feel as if Orkney is the land of the permenant black cloud!!!!!


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In for second warm up hehe..

Gaz it's at the front of the house so setting up is a bit risky around these parts.. I will take a look though with the 102 frac :lol:.

Just setting up the 102 for some globs :( tiz cold out there tonight.

James :p

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