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Mizar, Alcor & M94


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Having received my telescope at Christmas and used M42 as my set up target I have had to find a new target, so finally the clouds have cleared and out I went. I have quite easily picked out Mizar which was really impressive to look at and sitting near by was Alcor. Checking out turn left at Orion I decided to give M94 a go and managed to pick it out using my 25mm, 10mm and2x Barlow. Even though I don't always get to get my targets at first attempt or for a while it is nice to achieve some success. As this part of the sky is the area I am currently focusing, any suggestions would be welcome 

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Mizar and Alcor are old favourites of mine. The first object I ever observed through a scope, I normally have a quick look at them when I'm out, just to say hello.

M81 and M82 are good targets in that area, there are some handy star hops to find them. M97 is also worth a go but benefits from a UHC filter particularly if your skies aren't great.

M3 is a lovely globular heading down towards Arcturus, and then Izar is a very nice tight double in Bootes.

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Two of my long-time favorites here, too. Mizar - the 'Horse' - and Alcor - the 'Rider' - in Arabic, are what first got me interested in the Arabic names of a great many stars. These are still very much the accepted standards today, thousands of years 'down the roads' of time.

Cool stuff!




Mizar and Alcor in Cartes du Ciel  03-23-2017   

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