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  1. Having waited some time for the chance to take out the telescope and enjoy the skies. Managed to get a first look at beta monocerotis and managed to split the star which was really nice to see. As always I finished my session with a look at m42
  2. Swoop, The items you mentioned are also my Go to items every night especially the Orion nebula which is really nice to look at. As I'm new at this I find they have been very handy for me to get experience and I'm at the point of finding new targets. I also enjoyed m31 which I was delighted to find especially when you consider what it is and how far away it is
  3. Billy I have only had one good nights viewing in the last two and a half weeks. Anytime there is good skies I'm usually busy. Last night I was all set to go out but there were clouds, when I decided to give up I looked out a half an hour later m42 started to make an appearance and then Venus, come home from work today and nothing but clouds.. a lot of patience is needed unfortunately
  4. Andy Well done on picking out m42, this is usually my port of call when I use my telescope and I'm also a newbie. I also picked up Turn Left At Orion from library I quickly realised that I needed my own copy so I ordered one and I was like at child Christmas when it arrived today.. it's a great book, enjoy
  5. Thanks Ronl. I am enjoying it just not the Irish weather. Picked up extra eyepiece and turn left at Orion so trying to get as much out of each evenings work along with more experience using my telescope
  6. Based on other comments I have read on the site I reckon the object I saw last night was more likely to be a satellite and not a meteorite.
  7. Welcome Stephen, fellow dub here, this is a great site... loads of tips and advice
  8. Spent time enjoying what the moon had to offer and got to take in Copernicus with the terminator running along its edge.....pretty impressive., also took in the Apennines. Was showing my two little boys and they enjoyed the sheer volume of craters on the moon, my wife took a look and picked put Clavius and the various craters. took a look for andromeda and managed to pick it out easily with the help of the GoTo, found my 25mm with Barlow to provide the nicest view. Finished off with my favourite m42, which is always nice to look at. Whilst looking at andromeda a meteorite passed in the fov, this is becoming a bit of a fortunate habit for myself.... Not complaining, all adds to a great evenings viewing
  9. Having waited to get out this evening the clouds timed their arrival perfectly, after waiting a while I finally got a chance to take a look at the moon. i got to see my intended targets of messier and messier A., also managed to take in Cauchy and theophilus. Even though it was not my first session looking at the moon it was my first serious session with a purpose with the benefit of a new EP..... Happy days
  10. Thanks for that link
  11. Came home from work and got a glimpse of Venus and the moon, checked stellarium and remembered Mars was also in the same part of the night sky, but unfortunately it is all covered by the clouds... the joys of the Irish weather.. hopefully tomorrow.
  12. Picked up Turn Left At Orion from library after been recommended by members. Used it to look theta 2 and sigma ori. Will be checking again tomorrow to enjoy the view. Would recommend the book to all newbies like myself
  13. The controller itself, once the power is there just double check the controller is fully plugged in. It seems that if not plugged in correctly the controller has power, the menus work but the direction keys don't. I have also in past just disconnected the controller at both ends and started again. Both methods work although frustrating as it took an age for me to figure something so trivial out. Hope this works.
  14. Hi brun I am new at this and I have a goto system. I had the same problem and as daft as it might sound check it is plugged in correctly. Even though it is turned on and you can work the menu I noticed that it was not plugged in 100%. Make sure you hear that distinctive clicking sound. This happened me but it solved the problem Ger
  15. From what I can recall from Friday and tonight they were all in similar directions through the telescope, each time they went past I just went back to looking at my intended target, as I'm looking through the scope it happened very quickly. I might bring pen and paper with me going forward to try an take some notes if it happens again... Might help.