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  1. Hello from Barcelona, Spain

    welcome Victor, hope your enjoying the skies of Barcelona
  2. sterallium

    thanks dave
  3. sterallium

    I was in the back garden a few times over the last couple of weeks with my wife and kids with a Skywatch and the binoculars and on a few occasions I would see what look like a satellite so I would go to sterallium to see if it picks it up and it would not. tonight we saw a lovely object / satellite move northwards across the sky and passed polaris, it travelled at a constant speed and had no tail, but I was wondering what it was, is it a satellite and I just need to update my stellarium or am I missing something... any suggestions
  4. Hello!

    Welcome to SGL, plenty of friendly helpful people here, I joined last year and have received plenty of assistance from more experienced astronomers then myself
  5. Young astronomers

    Continuing with the young astronomers theme, I set up the scope for my first real post summer session and brought the boys out. We managed to pick up some nice stars like deneb, sadr, mizar and the feint grey smudge of m31 plus cor coralis. Some nice targets to start with, but even though I have some good south facing skies which provides some lovely options I live near a person who has the habit of leaving the bathroom light on over night.. bloody annoying as it is the only real light pollution I have to worry about.
  6. Young astronomers

    I agree with you joc, also helps that my wife is German and speaks to them in that language, we do similar things as yourself and I hope there is an interest in science at a later stage for them
  7. Young astronomers

    Your right ronin, kids are like sponges they soak up information which is great. My boys want time at the telescope and binoculars which is enjoyable, all to be encouraged
  8. Young astronomers

    That sounds like a five year old genius your friend has there Billy
  9. Young astronomers

    We have books and posters in the house and I think it is a great way to encourage kids to learn, not just about astronomy at in general, it will help throw-in school
  10. This morning my two boys climbed into my bed and my eight year old informed of that he could see the three stars of Orions belt.. when I came round i looked out the window and could not see them, after a minute I realised he was right. Yesterday my six year old was overhead telling his class mates about how the earth and Moon are moving in relation to each other.. Seems I'm not the smartest man in the house Ger
  11. Thanks ronin, you are correct I am looking towards the end of October, I will try and take in Saturn before then and select my targets for my trip in October
  12. Hi all Just getting back into looking up to the skies after the summer, I notice that the skies were clear tonight and as I'm keen to take in Saturn for the first time with the telescope I decide to get started on enjoying this time of year, however due houses, trees and light pollution looking south was a bit of a problem. So I decided to take out my cheap binoculars, I got a good few of the moon and easily picked out some of my old favourite craters. I had a go at Saturn by hanging out of the upstairs window, now this was difficult for obvious reasons and in still not sure if I managed to get some sort of glimpse at its ring or if it was my mind play games with me. I then grabbed a chair and sat in my North facing back garden and had perfect skies. With stellarium in one hand and the binoculars in the other i was picking of the constellations. Quick question.. how long with Saturn remain visible in the evening skies? I'm heading off for my first dark site visit at the end of next month and was hoping to take a look when I bring my telescope Thanks Ger
  13. My boys ( 6 and 8 ) got me my new scope for my birthday. Focal length is 750 mm, comes with only one eye piece, I can nearly see the kitchen.. ( depending on light pollution ) Apart from the new scope I will be heading to my first dark site visit in October when I visit the internationally recognised dark site in kerry, Ireland in October, happy days
  14. Hi All

    Welcome rob