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  1. I have also had my first real look Jupiter in recent nights and had similar expectations and results. I got a glimpse of the two belts, I also enjoyed the different positions of the four moons. Last night the moons and Jupiter were in an almost perfect line
  2. Tonight I had my first decent look at Jupiter which is obviously easy to find and I was thrilled when I was able pick out not only the four moons but the north and south eq. belts. Also, this might be a rookie error but as I wanted to see Jupiter tonight I went out a few hours later and I was struck by how many stars I could instantly see, if I went out a couple of hours earlier it would have taken up to an hour to see a similar number of stars... Would that be the affect of the cooler temperatures
  3. Having received my telescope at Christmas and used M42 as my set up target I have had to find a new target, so finally the clouds have cleared and out I went. I have quite easily picked out Mizar which was really impressive to look at and sitting near by was Alcor. Checking out turn left at Orion I decided to give M94 a go and managed to pick it out using my 25mm, 10mm and2x Barlow. Even though I don't always get to get my targets at first attempt or for a while it is nice to achieve some success. As this part of the sky is the area I am currently focusing, any suggestions would be welcome
  4. Even though my long term plan is to get into astrophotography I have been impressed with some of the images people have taken using nothing more then their phones. So I decided to have a go using the most obvious target with a focus on a full moon and tycho, see results below
  5. Hi was stuck on this mountain range last night as it was very impressive and let to my original posting as I wanted to know more about the crater that sits at the end of it. Hope to take another look tonight to see what the view is like
  6. Thanks all for the replies, I have put a couple of apps on my phone and will add one to my Ipad later, I really enjoy looking at the moon because he provides so much too look at, it is like a gift that keeps on giving.
  7. Thanks floater
  8. Thanks Ricohet for the steps above
  9. After the usual problems of cloudy nights I have had two clear skies this week and of corse with my look I was in bed sick for a few days. Like most people I keep an eye on the weather and today was to be good. So there I am in work looking at blue skies, so I go home put the kids to bed head out where I'm met by my friends.... The clouds, rant over, in between the clouds I got a glimpse of the moon and in particular sinus iridium, at the end of this C shaped mountain range is at least one crater, does anyone know the name(s) of the this crater Ger