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  1. Hi there and welcome to sgl, I have my goto since Christmas and to be honest even though I have gained some experience I still run into the same issue as yourself with the setup. One method I use to check the accuracy of the goto when using a two star alignment is when I finish I go to the object list, then named stars then I pick the first star that I started with when setting up the alignment. Last night I used capella, then when the alignment was finished selected capella again because in theory it should be the easiest star to get into the centre of the eyepiece. I did get capella but it was slightly off centre. I am interested in what other people advise because I do run into similar problem.. although I would need to check how many metres above sea level I am just to make sure. Sometimes I feel my setup may be rushed which leads to errors.. by the sounds of it you are very careful with this.. if you haven't already tried to do so use the goto to find your first star in your two star alignment and see. I also try to use a combination of stars that I know and can pick out with the naked eye and / two stars that are not to far away from an alignment point of move. I sometimes do this for a quick sets and when successful just give me a little confidence boost that I'm moving in the right direction. Finally, I would get the stellarium app for your phone or tablet as it is invaluable and will help with the identification of stars etc. Ger
  2. Thanks dave
  3. Can anyone provide any information on how best to look the asteroid that is on a flyby today and tomorrow. Will the details be on stellarium,
  4. Hi Marie welcome to sgl,
  5. I have had some success with my Samsung phone to take pictures and I posted some recently..below are some examples . I used my 10mm and my Barlow, a little patience and many attempts..
  6. Thanks stu, I didn't think it was spica for the same reasons you mentioned. Thank you for the suggestion on what it might be. Based on your graphic above I think you are right
  7. Thanks I do have this app but didn't think to look at it, was a little distracted as had my son with me who is also getting to know his way round the stars and planets too
  8. Thanks, it is a nice cheap and easy way to start some astrophotography. I tried the phone with Jupiter but as it is small in size through the eyepiece compared to the moon it is very difficult get right
  9. Thanks John
  10. I was looking just the moon and Jupiter this evening and enjoyed the views of both, when looking at Jupiter and it's moons I noticed what a fifth moon in the field of view just to the top right hand corner, would anybody know which moon it's was ( sorry for the less then precise positioning of this moon )
  11. Was in the garden this to evening looking at the moon and Jupiter and used my phone to take pictures. Took me a while to stop looking at the southern Highlands as there is so much to look at
  12. I have also had my first real look Jupiter in recent nights and had similar expectations and results. I got a glimpse of the two belts, I also enjoyed the different positions of the four moons. Last night the moons and Jupiter were in an almost perfect line
  13. Tonight I had my first decent look at Jupiter which is obviously easy to find and I was thrilled when I was able pick out not only the four moons but the north and south eq. belts. Also, this might be a rookie error but as I wanted to see Jupiter tonight I went out a few hours later and I was struck by how many stars I could instantly see, if I went out a couple of hours earlier it would have taken up to an hour to see a similar number of stars... Would that be the affect of the cooler temperatures
  14. Having received my telescope at Christmas and used M42 as my set up target I have had to find a new target, so finally the clouds have cleared and out I went. I have quite easily picked out Mizar which was really impressive to look at and sitting near by was Alcor. Checking out turn left at Orion I decided to give M94 a go and managed to pick it out using my 25mm, 10mm and2x Barlow. Even though I don't always get to get my targets at first attempt or for a while it is nice to achieve some success. As this part of the sky is the area I am currently focusing, any suggestions would be welcome