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  1. joc the skies here are a mixed bag, like a lot of people I can go days or weeks without clear skies, sometimes the clear skies can disappear quickly and arrive the same way, for me it's just a case of watching weather app and taking advantage
  2. I'm in a similar position to a lot of newbies I use my go-to to great effect and it has helped me get familiar with many objects in the sky and I will continue to use it. however I do like to just walk into the garden and manually identify some stars, I also used my binoculars to have a looking around and was happy been able to find andromeda by following the stars starting with Cassiopeia, I will be doing a little more manual searching for objects with my telescope and binoculars as it is a great way to get to know the night skies
  3. early Xmas present

    thanks happy Kat, in looking forward to using it at improve the view when I'm in my garden
  4. looks like Santa came early as I picked up an early Xmas present.. looking forward to using this filter
  5. I decided that I was too tired to set up my telescope after a long day but realised that the skies were clear and it would be a shame to waste it, so grabbed my binoculars and a chair and went into the back garden. having been to a dark site a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the experience the following week proved to be a stark reminder of the difficulty of back garden viewing, it has led me to look at picking up my first light pollution filter.. the experience of returning to my garden was a little disheartening to be honest, anyway getting back to the binoculars, I felt I could not let some clear skies go without taking a look, so out I went. the first thing I very quickly noticed was Pleiades and it was pretty special seeing all the stars in the one fov and many more, my wife even stopped to take a look and was impressed. next stop was to try and find andromeda manually as I normally use the telescope with the goto, it was not that difficult lodge and not to dissimilar to the telescope view in that it was a bit of a grey smudge but it was still impressive to look and and nice to find manually as it helps with finding my way around a bit more. finally I was looking around mirfak and I was amazed at the number of stars that floated in, around and under this star, again it was very impressive. considering I was not highly motivated I came away pretty happy.. I suppose I will have to use the binoculars a bit more as they bring excellent results
  6. light pollution filters

    thanks Louis for the tip
  7. light pollution filters

    thanks Alan for that info
  8. light pollution filters

    thank you lightbucket, I will take a look at this option too, regards ger
  9. light pollution filters

    John thank you for your detailed response, much appreciated ger
  10. light pollution filters

    thanks David, I will look into this brand to see what I can come up with
  11. hi there I'm sure this question has been asked a million times, can somebody please recommend a good light pollution filter for a sky watcher 1145p. just looking to get one to try and improve my view in my garden thank you ger
  12. well good luck with solving the problem, hope you get there some
  13. hi hefty I got my fist scope last year and it had a go-to, I ran into problems with the two star alignment, I don't know if you mad the same mistakes as me but at the risk of looking stupid here they are my scope wasn't level at had the day and month in the wrong order in the setup I was not correctly identifying the stars when using the two star alignment. give them a second look, and yes I did make there errors.. hope it helps ger
  14. First Dark Skies Visit

    it should be a good trip I hope you enjoy it