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  1. Thanks John, sorry I did mean to say m31. Thanks for the extra tips
  2. Having waited two weeks for clear skies I finally get them and used my new 6mm EP and even though I have already picked the Orion Nebula the 6mm made a lovely difference, got to see the stars in the trapezium. I turned to get andromeda using the GoTo but accidentally moved the scope, so after the success with Orion and picking out some easy stars with the GoTo I came in out of the cold. in relation to andromeda what can I expect to when using my scope which is a star watcher Skyhawk 1145p, ( 500 mm ) with 25mm, 10mm, 6mm EP's with 2 x Barlow. Looking forward to getting back out again..... Just not tonight
  3. Thanks again Alan I am using the goto mount which is quite handy to have but as I'm still finding my way I have yet to fully exploit this system or the software that comes with it.. but I enjoy using it. The picture you have of Venus is also what I have seen at the moment as it just looks like a bright star.. with Jupiter I have not spent enough time looking at it as currency you would need to be an early riser. But the one morning I did look I think I might have made out the planet and some moons but more time is needed.
  4. Hi Alan Thanks for taking the time to send that lengthy response to my thread. Currently I have a 2× Barlow so with my smallest eye piece I get 100× I'm thinking of getting the 6 mm to get up to 183×. At the moment I have looked at the moon which is really impressive. I get nothing out of Venus but apparently that is not uncommon. I have not spent too much time looking at Mars as it is currently in an orbit that it difficult. I have jump up early over Christmas to try and get a look just Jupiter. Having said that, all of these planets have not provided too much at the moment as I seem to get the usual beginners problem of just getting a bright dot and people suggesting in looking at a star, which I'm not. all of this I put down to the eye pieces I have and the need for me to be patient and spend time using the scope. This is why I am looking at the 6 mm. I do have a goto and I have spent time reading books and studying apps in order to understand the skies above which I find really interesting. I think I will take the plunge on a 6mm soon because as you mention these telescopes come with entry level eye pieces. Thanks again for the advice, much appreciated. ger
  5. Thank you for that great piece of info on the eyes and light. I'm a little lucky that where I have started using my telescope is quite dark with very little, if any, light causing problems. Just have an issue of limited viewing which I can resolve with some new locations I have in mind
  6. Thanks Ben. I was thinking of getting a 6mm EP in time to get a better magnification but before I do I want to get as much out of my current EP as possible and enjoy what they bring. Regarding the dark adaption you mention I am not 100% sure what this relates to ( sorry ). Thanks for the feedback, always welcome.
  7. I have a 10mm, 25mm and a Barlow
  8. As im a newbie with a skywatcher skyhawk 1145p and a goto I am looking for any tips and advice that people want to share when using this telescope. I am still getting use to the telescope, the goto system, planets, constellations etc. Which I'm enjoying, I am taking my time in doing so which I have to due to been busy in work and cloudy skies at night. I welcome any advice from people and read the posts of other people everyday, I am interested in people's views especially those using the same telescope as I think it would be beneficial to exchange notes when using the 1145p Cheers
  9. Had a good look at the moon again and my first look at the Orion Nebula, really nice to look at this evening using my skywatcher with 10mm and Barlow. Even better when they can be picked out with the naked eye
  10. I'm using a skywatcher 1145p
  11. delighted to get my first glimpse of the moon this evening. if I'm not mistaken I got a view of the sea of crises ( mare crisium ).. 😊😊
  12. Thanks for the detailed reply. All the conditions were good including been in the garden for some time, however I think there is a small issue with my set up that needs more time ( and patience ) on my part.
  13. hi Ronin. thank you again for all the info. the focal length is actually only 500 mm. Will this affect the type of eyepiece I should consider