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  1. Hi All

    Welcome rob
  2. Hi there, I had the same problem and the reason it occurred for me was because I had the incorrect coordinates keyed in. I put in the date incorrectly... I know it might sound simple but it was a mistake I made, check the date format required again Add to the above that my mount was not as level as it should have, even with this I found it to be still slightly off centre so I made the slight correction needed to centre the target. Let me know how you get on Ger
  3. Hi Colin I picked up the same telescope and equipment last Christmas and as a fellow newbie I did struggle initially with the setup of the 1145P, looking at the replies so far you will find that there are plenty of people here who offer great advice and will help you through any stage of the process. I ran into plenty of problems and I did not find the manuals provided to be anything more then just ok. As I am using the 1145P myself, ( although taking a break for the summer months due to time constraints and family commitments ), don't be afraid to ask any question as everybody here is extremely helpful. I am more than happy to share my own knowledge to date of the 1145P so don't be afraid to ask. If you are still struggling to with the setup please let us know, images of your setup allow people to provide better answers to any problem, the book mention by Billy Harris ( and probably a few others ) is a must, I got a copy from my local library at first and quickly realized that I needed my own copy so I went and bought one. Using the moon and Turn left at Orion will provide excellent results. It will take a little time at first but it is worth the wait, Ger P.S ( Sorry if this is my 2nd response on your thread... not sure if my first one was submitted correctly so I had another go )
  4. GRS for the first time.

    Will do stu, thanks for the tip
  5. GRS for the first time.

    Thanks, hopefully that is the case, looking forward to doing it again
  6. GRS for the first time.

    Yeah, the moons were pretty to look at especially with Callisto been very close to Jupiter, although the GRS was a nice distraction
  7. Finding the later observation times more and more difficult as we get into the summer due to having to get up early each day. Stayed up last night so I could get a short session in with Jupiter and was delighted when I got my first view of jupiter's GRS. I needed to spend some time looking to make sure I was definitely looking at it, but there it was although very very small, had to spend time focusing my through the eyepiece Since I have very limited opportunity to get out at the moment I spend a little time reading about the night sky and keeping an eye out for interesting TV shows on space. With the summer days coming in my wife thinks I'm a bit mad when I said I wish it was winter again for the earlier night skies
  8. Short stints

    Thanks for that
  9. Short stints

    Thanks again stu, I have registered with sky and telescope and will have to sit down later of go through this very useful website, it looks really good Ger
  10. Short stints

    Thanks stu
  11. Short stints

    Because of the longer days, shorter nights and having a young family I can only do some very shorts stints in the garden but at least my first session in two weeks was worth the wait. Looking at the moon I enjoyed picking up all recommended targets in turn left at Orion, my personal favourite was Clavius and all its small craters. I turned my attention to Jupiter as always I picked up the north and south eq. Belts and south tropical belt ( which was a first ) before the wind picked up, this made things a little tricky so I finished up my short but productive session. Quick question, how would I know when the GRS is in a position to be viewed by the telescope. Looking forward to catching a glimpse Cheers Ger
  12. Hi there and welcome to sgl, I have my goto since Christmas and to be honest even though I have gained some experience I still run into the same issue as yourself with the setup. One method I use to check the accuracy of the goto when using a two star alignment is when I finish I go to the object list, then named stars then I pick the first star that I started with when setting up the alignment. Last night I used capella, then when the alignment was finished selected capella again because in theory it should be the easiest star to get into the centre of the eyepiece. I did get capella but it was slightly off centre. I am interested in what other people advise because I do run into similar problem.. although I would need to check how many metres above sea level I am just to make sure. Sometimes I feel my setup may be rushed which leads to errors.. by the sounds of it you are very careful with this.. if you haven't already tried to do so use the goto to find your first star in your two star alignment and see. I also try to use a combination of stars that I know and can pick out with the naked eye and / two stars that are not to far away from an alignment point of move. I sometimes do this for a quick sets and when successful just give me a little confidence boost that I'm moving in the right direction. Finally, I would get the stellarium app for your phone or tablet as it is invaluable and will help with the identification of stars etc. Ger
  13. Asteroid flyby

    Thanks dave
  14. Asteroid flyby

    Can anyone provide any information on how best to look the asteroid that is on a flyby today and tomorrow. Will the details be on stellarium,
  15. A Newbie ....From the United States....

    Hi Marie welcome to sgl,