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The Great Orion Nebula


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A clear frosty night tempted me out into the observatory. The night wasn't perfect but beggars can't be choosers! I set the scope up on its mount, rolled back the roof and aimed it at M42. With a 14mm Pentax XW giving 53X I studied the nebula for some time in the hope my improved dark adaption would enable me to get a spectacular view. Even after 20 minutes under my blackout blanket I felt things weren't going to get any better, so i made a sketch of the nebulosity. To be honest I've seen it better, but the night was holding the scope back. The nebula is a difficult subject due to its complexity, so to render it with accuracy is an almost impossible task. With that in mind the sketch should be viewed as a representation of what can be seen on an average night in a small telescope. The field stars are only approximately placed relative to each other!

Thanks for looking!

Mike :happy11:


2016-12-27 23.37.53.jpg

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