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6 Pane Mosaic, Waxing Crescent 4th December


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I have finished the 6 pane mosaic, took a while for my old PC to process but got there in the end. I'm happy with the end result especially in the rubbish seeing conditions. My processing skills have improved a lot since i started and I hope to continue improving them with you help! 600/4000 frames stacked in each pane inside Autostakkert!2 then into Registax 6 for wavelets then Photoshop for final tweaks. Taken with Skywatcher 130P, Nikon D3300 eyepiece projected to get the magnification. Hope you like it, thanks again for looking :) 

6 Pane Mosaic Waxing Crescent.jpg

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2 minutes ago, johnfosteruk said:

I've never been able to get on with afocal James so well done mate that's quite nice indeed.

Takes me a good 10-15 Minutes to find a great focus but once found I've had no problems...yet :D 

I think the edges of the panes get blurred from afocal but I always give it a big overlap to try and counteract this.

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