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Hello everyone I am Cansın from Turkey. I bought celestron powerseeker 127 eq 1 year ago and I learnt serious things with this scope (like eq mount and astrophotography). Now ı want to change the scope but ı have few questions. I will use telescope for imaging but ı am not very professional.

1) Celestron nexstar SE 8" is compitable for good pictures for nebula planet or anything I want without using WEDGE. How long exposure time ı get without wedge?

2) My celestron 127 eq mount was very bad 2 times broken and I dont know İf ı choose again celestron what will happen to mount for example 8SE can I trust Celestron because I will give 2500 Euro .In Turkey prices are very expensive.

3) What is difference with Nexstar 81 SE and Meade lx200 8".

4) If ı buy nexstar 8 SE and wedge for this this mount means equatorial mount? How long exposure I will get like this setup

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I believe that for astrophotography then an f10 telescope is too slow to get good images, so people go for much shorter f ratios mostly. Not an imager so others will shed further light on what is a better scope for imaging. 

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The 127 Powerseeker is quite a long focal length instrument more suited to imaging Solar System objects.

I think one of the selling points was that all the optical elements were made of glass :icon_scratch:

Considered an entry level scope around 200 GBP I think, so any of the more expensive Celestron scopes should be better quality.

A scope for imaging planets is not a scope for imaging so called deep sky objects which are better suited to a "faster" scope.

What sort of camera are you using ?


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I had (still have) a Powerseeker 127EQ, my first scope,  and only used it for as long as it took for the Skyliner to arrive?
I'd say the 127EQ was  about as useful as a chocolate firegard, for my needs, yes like yourself, I learnt a few apsects from it, enough to know I  dont need any EQ system for the pleasure of visual observations alone, I just   spent too much time  fiddling about  with its  settings, than actually looking through it, I found the stand was  poor quality, very flimsy, and as for the optics, not much to say there either?  and  that ' Jones-Bird'  plastic Barlow afixed inside the focuser to allow the scope to be made shorter, compact, but still maintain 1000mm of  Focal length ? which can be  an issue for some folk wanting to use a laser?  although, this scope was easy to set it up, just a good eye was enough to collimate it, even send it back for factory collimation, says the instructions? I went through the full  setup, cleaned, centre spotted, aligned, better eyepieces, still a piece of..................but don't let this scope put you of from other Celestron products, as their not all bad, just avoid the 127EQ.


As for imaging, you don't need to be professional just yet, but you may need deep pockets to be able to  comfortably afford the type of gear that affords stability and reliability in the mounting system, this is where all your money goes, then a suitable scope for for targets, and a camera. There are many folk here with more experience, and there are many books on the subject, written by folk that have made the same mistakes you and I may make when venturing out  along the path that is Astrophotography. Just don't rush, take your time to make the right decision. Hopefully gleaned from the good folk here, or if you can get to a friends house or club, to see how they do it!

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You could image Solar System objects without a wedge using the Neximage camera.

For other imaging with a wedge the long focal length of SCTs means needing longer exposures which means you will have to invest more money in a guiding set up.



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