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Sol WL 08-10-16 @ 11:38 Redo


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Seeing as how it was cloudy this evening and I wasn't happy with the output of today's full disk I had another go at it. There was some noise in the originals that I wasn't happy with.

This time I stacked 100% of 300 frames in AS!2 and had a bash at 1.5x Drizzling it too. Wavelets in Regi and took good care of it when finishing in PS. This image is 2870x2870 compared to the original at 2500x2500, although it's drizzled to 1.5x, at full size you could tell it was drizzled so I saved it at 75%.

Although at the embedded size in the forum post I think there's slightly less detail apparent in the ARs, at full size there's a considerable difference to the overall image, and I think it is a more pleasing image.

Really pleased with this one.


Sol FD 08-10 Drizzled.png


Sol FD 08-10 colour Drizzled.png

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