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6th October: Big changes in AR 2599


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BBC predicted mixed clouds, ClearOutside said sun, MSN Weather said cloud all day, so I ignored them all and looked out the window :happy11:

Wall to wall blue stuff here still! (Must stop tempting fate...) 

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Very nice Iain, how's the wind up your way ? 

Another annoying day here, blue sky, reasonable seeing and blowing a gale, two out of three again, maybe tomorrow all three will come together :grin:


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6 minutes ago, Davey-T said:

how's the wind up your way ? 

Thanks all. Dave, sounds like a line from a Carry On film :happy11: After my great start, the day went downhill: An hour of root canal work at the dentist, then by the time I was done (12.30) it was windy and cloudy all the way.  Still, I have 100 or so files to play with, so I'll be putting animation together now. 


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