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anyone have lrgb,flats,bias,darks i can use with pixinsight


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I don't have any data but I did write a couple of tutorials some time ago on building a master bias and flat frame in Pixinsight that maybe of some help.




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3 hours ago, ngwillym said:


has a bunch of tutorials and sample image data for you to use.

Thanks for the link, that looks like good practice for a rainy day :) At first I glanced through a couple of the tutorials wondering where the data was ( expecting an embedded link !) , then I looked to the left/index and saw, to help anyone else zero-in, this : http://www.lightvortexastronomy.com/sample-image-data.html

looks like they may all be LRGB, no RGB ? just a compRGB file, all will no doubt become clear when I have downloaded some :)

Thanks for the question @iwols, I'm watching beside you :thumbsup: with GIMP in-hand :D

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