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  1. as the title says ,at the minute i have a clicklok on the back of my c8 if i put a reducer on will the clicklok go straight on the back of my reducer if that makes sense thanks guys
  2. hi all is it possible to use the Baader Hyperion Zoom Barlowlens 2.25x on a 600mm scope with a 414 ex ccd,any thoughts /comments please
  3. just wondered if anyone had added one of these to there c8 edge ? and how they found them thanks
  4. this is an image i took a while back similar to yours but not as clear lum@5 mins
  5. hi vlaiv what do you think about adding a 0.7 x reducer to my edge to give me that extra fl over my tsoptics@600mm and possibly improve my image with the edge,what would it mean to my sampling rate please
  6. hi all presume from the views /replies no one has gone this way?
  7. Just wondered if anyone had gone this way and what their thoughts were thanks
  8. Hi Olly ,i used it for planetary and now use it for deep sky just to get a little closer than my 100mm ts
  9. tha thanks vlaiv is there anything cheaper than the 16200 you could suggest ,looking at the barlows i would not have enough back focus,any thoughts on asi 1600? cheers
  10. poor looking stars really or it may be that im not used to the star size being bigger than my ts optics,collimated back focus ok theres just something,can you suggest a specific lens? to look at
  11. omg vlaiv your right,,would a 2x/2.5 barlow on my 600mm with an atik 414ex ccd work? would i still be able to use my filter wheel /rotator back focus dependant and where would the barlow go on my imaging train
  12. well i have the ts optics refractor q100 at fl600mm and a c8 edge at fl2032 and really struggle with the edge so just wondered if there is a refractor near to the edges focal length that anyone could suggest,thanks
  13. just looking at these and how do they compare to say a c8 edge for image quality and ease of use thanks(just looking)
  14. I too had the exact problem you described with the star tech so changed it for another cheaper make which works perfect came from amazon, it was that good I bought a spare will see what make it is when I get in if you still have problems
  15. does anyone know if the cable that comes with the pluto trigger is the same as AP-R3N (N3) it looks the same,but pluto call it a dc2 cable thanks
  16. just not sure if it will fit my tripod as it has a cast pin (older type)
  17. just wondered if the above can be used together or is there an adapter as my camera tripod is no where near as sturdy as the heq5 tripod would be thanks
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