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  1. not sure about the calculation im using a 580mm with a 414ex ccd with the option of using a 0.8 reducer if anyone can work it out cheers
  2. thats good to hear,do you just stack in the normal way,any idea on app
  3. hi all going to try fitting my fr of o.8 to my ts100 q scope which has a focal length of 580mm making it 464mm would the images from both focal length just integrate ok with pi or aap ,or am i opening a can of worms thanks as always
  4. just found drizzle just wondering at what scale you drizzle i have the option of 0.1 to 3 cheers
  5. hi guys nearly been caught out a couple of times with ror open does anyone use a rain sensor to notify when there is rain in the air cheers
  6. thanks mikey plate solving sorted,as i used an ed80 before i upgraded to this ts100 quad
  7. Cheers clouded over so couldnt give it a good go,but at least my guiding looks sorted,
  8. thanks just need to fit my o.8x reducer now
  9. hi think ive finally got my new scope /mount sorted thanks to all of you guys,took a total of 12 mins each of the cigar galaxy with a very rough process and ended up with this ,your thoughts/comments/suggestions appreciated as always thanks
  10. hi all just using sharpcap to polar align but seem to get slightly different results on a rerun,can be anything from good to poor,fighting the weather and poor arrangement for adjustment on my otherwise good heq5 mount,but is this normal,and how good is good enough,even though i can have a good alignment followed by a report of poor after a rerun,im using a fixed mount cheers
  11. suppose the guide camera can be any angle as long as a recalibration in phd is performed when it is altered??
  12. thanks thats what i have done,does the orintation matter
  13. hi does my oag need setting up apart from putting in the chain and getting good focus,does it need aligning in any way with my main scope camera cheers
  14. hi all just trying to redo my polar alignment heq5 on fixed pier,battling clouds and the adjusters on the heq5,just a few questions 1 how accurate is it 2 when it asks you to turn mount 90 degree is that critical just realised how critica,touchyl it is to polar mount when something is saying poor/fair/good, although for some reasons never had problems with my ed80 on this mount ,any comments appreciated as always thanks
  15. which camera would be best on my 550mm scope the main 414ex or my qhy5 connected to my oag cheers
  16. or does my oag want setting up? not sure how,i just placed it in the chain orientation roughly same as main camera????? everything focused ok
  17. thanks guys food for thought ,looks like start from beginning,,looking to invest in a polemaster (i know there are other ways) and guiding wasnt an issue with my ed80,any thoughts on this?
  18. is this it top right ra dec pulseguide setting thanks
  19. thanks will try this ,is that correct? where is the guide speed for ra and dec actually set please
  20. just upgraded my scope but now have massive guiding issue,started when i got egg shape stars with the new scope,so i fitted an oag instead of my st80/qhy5 guide camera,made new profile in phd2 but not guiding at all,so close sgp down straight away,my telescope is 580mm focal length on a heq 5 mount,polar alignment is ok as i havent altered it from my ed80 see below
  21. thanks but i need to put the correct sidereal rate in before i click calculate,cheers
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