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  1. hi all happy with my setup and the only problem i have is with my guide camera i use with my oag,occasionally it will not connect but bearing in mind im accessing my set up remotely from the house with about 6 usb items on it so may not be completely the cameras fault ,would really like to try a different make of camera so just wondered if any one could suggest a cheap mono camera with roughly same fov as the qhy thanks
  2. thanks for that but as you know when using sdrp1a you can see a bit more of the spectrum,and nothing showed up there either ,do my settings look ok? thanks iwols
  3. yes apart from noaa 17 which it said was miles out of date this is the list i will be using,the v pole i made was the one you linked to,my try my airband dipole for the next passes,wont be great but should imagine i will get some kind of signal do my settings look ok as well,both below thanks
  4. hi blinky a couple of questions,when you say facing north does that matter,is your inline amp powered externally and do you have a drawing of your v shape antenna as the one i made receives no signal at all,what cable are you using,sorry for all the questions but my first go was a total flop with no signal thanks iwols
  5. its stopped for a while as ive been using the 178 on my c8 for planetary,ive had the dome since i started testing ,in fact its still in its unopened bag in my car boot,but now youve reminded me and ive kicked planetary in the head it might be my next project keep me updated how you go
  6. hi thanks for that what saddle did you use or what would i need thanks iwols
  7. hi all just wondering if 13kg would be ok on a heq5 pro mount,thinking about setting my celestron c8 along side my ts 100 if my shed roof allows,also any advice on mounting both either with this mount or upgraded one cheers iwols
  8. great for 1 night what scope did you use please
  9. its as if i had wrote this thread,dso from now
  10. yes wouldnt be without it,in general what time do you guys start imaging
  11. hi all after a few months trying the planets thinking about changing my setup to dso imaging is it time yet??
  12. thats superb for a start been trying this for a while now ,really is a challenge well done
  13. Hi all just wondered if the celestron motorised focuser for sct,can be used with autofocus with say sgp thanks
  14. hi just wondered if anyone had the above spare thanks iwols
  15. true but i didnt know wether to smile or cry
  16. thanks but could have been better(did i mention that ) still gutted
  17. thanks kev would have been if ide have left it going for another 10 secs,craziest 20 seconds of imaging ive ever had just gutted about missing the capture of the plane
  18. well dont know where to start ,doing a bit of imaging on the moon last night and wow ,so pleased to have caught what is probably a satellite going across the moon ,i stopped the imaging and 5 seconds later i saw the image of a lifetime ,an aeroplane with full smoke coming from behind it,going across it,but i had already stopped the capture,gutted anyway this is what i imaged before the main event My Video1.mp4
  19. thanks the only rgb i have is rgb24
  20. hi all just outside now using sharpcap on jupiter what settings do you capture in raw 8,rgb ,or other and avi,ser or other using colour asi 178 thanks
  21. thanks geordie85 if north on the map is north then it looks like it ,anyone been here after dark
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