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Walking on the Moon

Off the starting block with a new project

peter shah

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I think this one is going to be a bit of a marathon. After getting my scope sorted and a test shot under my belt. I've been waiting for the clouds to part and conditions to be just right. No point in messing about I thought I'd dive straight into something that was going to be a challenge. :noolook:
Initially the automation failed locking onto an adequate guide star :suspicious: so I decided to take over and go in manually just because time was ticking and clear skies were wasting. Something I'm going to go over tweaking the guider settings in CCD Autopilot.

Any how this is one I've had on my list for years and finally got a start on. It's only 4x1800s in Luminance with loads more to get, I have kept the size down on this one until I build up the signal. Fingers crossed for more clear nights. :praying:
LDN 1251

Thanks for looking :cool:


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