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Problem with Canon 450d & APT


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Hi guys.


I have been doing my imaging with a Canon 350d until it recently developed a problem and I replaced it with a modified used 450d

I'm using APT as before but my problem is with the length of time it takes from the shutter closing to the image being processed on the PC

For example: I take a 300 second sub and it takes...well 300 seconds from hte shutter closing for the image to be displayed in the preview screen in APT

This length of time remains the same whether I choose to preview the image or not. It's also consistent whether I change from RAW to low quality so doesn't seem to be image size related.

What is consistent is the time delay related to exposure lenght. EG 200 second exposure takes 200 seconds to process, 600 sec exp takes 600 secs to process and so on

With the 350d it took seconds to process. It's really causing me a problem as if I set a series of exposures, it wont take the next exposure till the previous one has processed.

Hence an imaging session is taking almost twice as long as it should!

The latest firmware version is installed and I've even tried swapping the laptop for the much more powerful desk top PC from the office but the times remain exactly the same!!

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Howard

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As above , there are two that need turning off , Long Exposure Noise Reduction and High ISO Noise Reduction .

The camera is automatically taking "Dark frames" of the same exposure length .

Use the "Menu" button ( top left on the back ) , go into "Custom Settings" and then scroll through 'til you reach the appropriate parts.

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Guys.....big thank you in order! You were absolutely spot on!

Yep.......did what you said and turned off 2 x noise reduction and bingo!

Time from shutter closing to preview image now down from 5 mins to less than 3 secs!!!!!!

Thanks once again, Howard

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