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  1. Thanks very much for your reply Adam The sensor looks to be very clear The issue is still there no matter which part of the frame the focus star is in? Just don't understand as this issue just suddenly started I'll persevere.....there's obviously a reason for it.....probably staring me in the face!
  2. Thanks very much for your reply Michael. I use APT and view the image on a monitor whilst using the Bahtinov mask So take a serious of .....usually 2 sec images and adjust focus between each This method has worked fine before The camera resolution is set to low whilst I do this to speed things up, but it's the way I have always done it before I switch to raw for imaging The C8 seems fine as a visual star test with an eyepiece looks good The sensor (or filter over it) looks very clear I will post an image but its been cloudy here last few nights, hoping for a
  3. Hi everyone, I'm really struggling with an issue involving my modded Canon 450d It's been absolutely fine for 18 months or so but just a couple of weeks ago the problem started I can't get sharp focus now (it's always used with Celestron C8) It's not a focus travel problem, as when attempting to focus it does get close to focus then goes out again. Just doesn't get to 'sharp focus'. I don't even get close enough really to use the bahtinov mask Visual observing is fine so it's not a scope problem The setup is housed in an observatory with de-humidifier on 24/7 and
  4. Guys.....big thank you in order! You were absolutely spot on! Yep.......did what you said and turned off 2 x noise reduction and bingo! Time from shutter closing to preview image now down from 5 mins to less than 3 secs!!!!!! Thanks once again, Howard
  5. Hi guys. I have been doing my imaging with a Canon 350d until it recently developed a problem and I replaced it with a modified used 450d I'm using APT as before but my problem is with the length of time it takes from the shutter closing to the image being processed on the PC For example: I take a 300 second sub and it takes...well 300 seconds from hte shutter closing for the image to be displayed in the preview screen in APT This length of time remains the same whether I choose to preview the image or not. It's also consistent whether I change from RAW to low qualit
  6. Hi. Hoping someone can help me here as I'm just starting out in astrophotography. When I view my raw images in CS2, they all have a very heavy pink/purple cast to them Even the 2 second test shots. However, if I view just a single frame in Deep sky stacker, the colour cast has completely gone. The preview frames viewed with APT show no colour either! I don't think I live in a heavily light polluted area, but there is some. I've included some images to show what I mean. Thanks, Howard
  7. Oooops!!!! OK....time to confess. Erm. I was actually trying to process the thumbnail images..DOH! I didn't realise there are two separate folders, didn't even look at the size of the images. I live and learn. Thanks for your help guys. Howard
  8. Have installed 3.3.4 from Yahoo usergroups but still have same problem? Good call though, THANKS!
  9. Ah. No......I have 3.3.2 installed. Thought that was the latest as I've only just downloaded it today. Will check and try again. Thanks for that!
  10. Hi. Thanks again. I've tried a couple of ways of getting the images into DSS. 1. In DSS open the APT files 2. Copy the APT files which are .png into a separate folder and then open them in DSS from that folder. Cheers. H
  11. Thanks very much for your reply. I've actually changed nothing in DSS. It's the first time I've really used it so left everything on auto. I have managed to stack some images with it but only 8 or so. The screen does look very white and washed out at first but if I move the sliders to the left the contrast seems fine. Just left with the'pixelly bayer matrix image'! Cheers, H.
  12. Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to astronomy and very new to imaging...WELL.....that is my first real session was last night! However, I managed to image M42 and though I realize the images won't win any prizes I'm absolutely made up that I can at least recognize M42! When I view the captured images in APT I think they look really good (to me). The'yre smooth and quite defined. However, when I've tried to stack them or open them in DSS they look like......well......a Bayer matrix image! (I only know what one looks like and the terminology because I'm using Steve Richards excellent book 'Making
  13. OK......thanks for that Robert. I can probably manage to do that...I think? Are the RJ11 sockets the same as I have on my EQ5 mount do you know? I imagine I can find wiring diagrams on the internet? Might think about upgrading in the future as well. Regards, Howard
  14. The HEQ5 mount is available in goto or non goto. I've got the not goto sytreq...version at the moment
  15. Is an ST4 port the only way to get astroeq to work on a HEQ5 mount then?
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