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Markarian's Chain and M87


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Back on the 4/5 May this year I had a go at imaging Markarian's Chain and M87 with my Evostar ED80.  I didn't think much of the data at the time so didn't process it. The night was a bit hazy and there was a fair bit of LP.  I decided to have a look at he data tonight. I noticed one of the subs contained what to me looks like an iridium flare. Do you think that's what it is? Top right of image with enlarged insert. The image is time stamped as: 05/05/2016 00h 01m 

The second image is the processed data (not very good) 15 x 300s lights @1600 ISO plus darks, flats and bias.  Taking a closer look at M87 I reckon I can just make out the jet. 



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10 minutes ago, ChrisLX200 said:

Lots of galaxies on show there. Could be an IF, lots of other satellites do this too.


Yes there are. The more you look the more galaxies you see.  I didn't realise other satellites "flared". interesting.  

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