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Jupiter sketch

Galactic Wanderer

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Nice first attempt, but perhaps a bit too detailed. Also it is Important to get things to scale. The GRS is too large for the disk and the bands and zones are not quite right. But well done for trying and I hope you enjoyed the experience and will continue to sketch.

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On 03/07/2016 at 14:28, Galatic Wanderer said:

Insipired by other people's drawings on the forum, I decided to have a go myself! Please give any comments, as I think I have many it too detailed


That's a highly detailed sketch Sebastien!

It's difficult to know which sketching style is best, so i think its best to sketch in the way you feel most comfortable. You've obviously picked out some intricate detail which shows you have a keen eye. It's always encouraging to see the observations of others in the form of sketches as it shows what can be seen at the eyepiece. 

Great stuff! :thumbsup:


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