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Variable star detection software

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Is anyone aware of any Windows software that can detect variable stars in a series of images. I've done an internet search but I can only find Vast and that needs Linux type operating systems and needs to be built from the source code. I'm looking for a package that I can simply install and run on a standard Windows PC.



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43 minutes ago, james_screech said:

check all the stars in set of images for new variables which is what I want.

I thought that was what you wanted which is why I didnt suggest IRIS, IRAF, and lots of others including some at AAVSO ( for members) however, on another forum OSCAAR has been mentioned as able to check/analyse  a full fits frame, the bad news is that I cant find that function in it ! Only single star photometry for exoplanet detection. But,,,  if that is true ( and not an error by the poster or even, perish the thought, a misinterpretation by me :) !), you may have better luck than me in tracking that bit down    http://oscaar.github.io/OSCAAR/

By the way, I am not at all sure that "simple" and "standard" are words normally used for Windows :):) and the really bad news is that OSCAAR needs Python installed ! Good luck.



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4 hours ago, james_screech said:

As far as I can see AIP4Win, LesvePhotomtry and Astroiamgej can all do "standard" photometry but none will check all the stars in set of images for new variables which is what I want.

This is the functionality claimed by MPO Canopus. While I have a licensed copy of the program and used it for other purposes, I've not tested this particular feature. If you're interested, I can try to find time to run some tests this coming weekend. Offhand, I can't think of any pairs of images of the same field with a test variable in my collection, so if you have such a thing in FITS format, let me know.

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