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Ok so tonight I thought lets have another go at the CCD, set up, record breaking time everything ok. Put the CCD on  and started the alignment (the bit I dread)  Sirius was bottom left of my screen so I clicked on continuos and slewed untill it was centre ( it worked like a dream) next focusing that all slipped into place. Chancing my luck I thought lets go for  5 mins  that was still ok, 10 mins just see it creeping in but very acceptable for a beginner. I decided to try  NGC 7023 , and at the moment im taking 60 x 300 sec subs. my biggest challenge will be processing them as I get totally lost on it. I will take some darks and bias (might try flats also).  Silly question has it got to be processed in Maxim? or could I stack them in DSS which I find far easier.

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just done the lights and moved onto the bias ( because that was first in the dropdown list) it came up "darks required please remove the cover" which I did then I had to replace the cover, thats a new thing on me as I have always had a cover on for darks is this correct?

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Ok so I had 24x 5min subs and I also took darks , flats and bias, and connot work it out, im obviously doing something wrong for it to turn out so bad. I have tried stacking them in DSS then working on it in Maxim. I have also tried stacking them in Maxim but they keep coming out the same. even tried just stacking lights in DSS with fewer subs then doing it again adding darks. No matter what I do I get that horrible gradient colour cast, and I can also see the squares. In Maxim all im doing is opening file then  using digital development , then colour convert, single subs it aint so bad its when i try stacking them it is


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