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21-02-2016 Lovely Sun


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Nice detached flare around the 5 O'clock position, it is not massive but it does look fantastic when zoomed in.

There are also quite a few more smaller proms around the limb and the surface detail is still looking great, especially around the group of spots near the 10 O'clock position.

Ok I am off back outside to listen to the howling wind and to view what is left of the sunshine :happy6:

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Mark, The seeing is remarkably good :happy8: so much so That I have been able to use the Leica zoom. Because of the built in Barlow in the Quark I tend to overlook this zoom and I keep forgetting just how good it is for solar. I also got to see quite an excellent apex shaped prom in the 10 O'clock that wasn't visible with the BCO.

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