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PHD2 Guiding issues with ZEQ25

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I haven't been able to successfully guide with my phd2 lately. After first having successful sessions I suddenly have been unable to calibrate after 50 "west" iterations I get a "star not moving enough" warning.  Ive tried everything. Ive adjusted steps, re focused, made sure the drivers were downloaded. Ive also tried the old PHD and that doesn't work. Can it be hardware? My mount is a ZEQ 25. could it be a bad wire or connection to mount? PHD2 indicates it is connected.. But the results have been the same. I spent 4 nights this week just working on guiding and results were always the same.  any ideas?? 

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What a coincidence. After  nine years of successful guiding with PHD I recently upgraded to PHD2 and no longer seem to be able to guide using it with my astro-physics mount - same warning - star not moving enough. I reinstalled a older PHD version without success. Have since reinstalled new PHD2, new ASCOM, in fact everything is up-to-date. My SBIG guide camera is working, mount is perfect. I’m completely baffled, have tried the PHD and ap forums but no info has come back that I can comprehend. Been through all the usual, hot pixels etc etc. Totally stumped at moment.

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If you're having trouble with PHD/2 but your mount tracks and slews ok via your computer, then it's almost certain to be an incorrect setting. Make sure you have the 'enable guide output' box ticked! If you can't see what the problem is, maybe you could post a screen capture of your PHD2 window and also of the settings windows. Also helpful to know what guide camera, other software etc. you're using.


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