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  1. This image taken from London with a Nikon 850 and 500mm PF lens on tripod, heavily cropped: http://www.malcolmpark.com/p/vKpPH Unfortunately the event last night was too low and too SW in sky to capture from my observatory site. Tonight the weather is the spoiler.
  2. Great and detailed captures. Sadly it is typically clouded out here for next 5 days.
  3. Some captures before clouds rolled in, single stills all taken with a Nikon Z7 camera on white light wedge, 5" Tak refractor on ap1200.
  4. Thanks, pity about the clarity.
  5. A capture of this massive sunspot region, morning of 7 Nov through slightly hazy sky. 5" refractor on ap1200 with solar white light wedge and ASI 290MM camera, colourized in photoshop.
  6. A capture of Mars from mid evening with Tak 102nsv, ancient Meade x2 barlow and ZWO ASI290MM & manual ZWO 1.25" filterwheel. Wrong scope for the target but hadn’t installed the larger one, not a bad result for the 4" Tak. Left hand images are the R, G, B. Seeing was decidedly wobbly and firework smoke in the air.
  7. Thanks. Forgot to mention, taken with Tak 102nsv and reducer.
  8. I’m getting back to astro imaging after a very long time away, this is my first real attempt with a cooled camera for years, the newly acquired (only this week) ASI294MM Pro. A 60min capture in Ha, in 10min subs for the main structure and some 30sec subs for the core, early hours today. Darks and Flats calibrated. Next will be OIII captures, weather allowing.
  9. Overall flat size of heater band 43”, suitable for 12” / 14” Cat. Rarely used, selling as now refractor based only. £30.00 inc postage mainland UK. Sale Ended.
  10. For sale one (unmodified) Canon EOS40D camera body in very good (Exc++) condition, no screen scratches. Chip is clean and scratch-free. Comes with all original cables, strap, manual, Canon battery BP-511A, body cap and one CompactFlash 8GB card (a raw light frame taken on the CF card shows no dust). NOTE: does NOT come with battery charger (requires battery charger CB-5L, available around £12 online used). This camera was purchased new by me and lightly used for astroimaging work only on a Tak refractor. The camera has been carefully handled. I do not have a shutter count as Canon (unlike
  11. I’m selling my Clement Focuser, a patented, highly engineered and accurate imaging focuser for SCT telescopes, capable of taking RoboFocus (also available at separate cost). This Clement Focuser, made by Don Clement in the USA, was fitted to my 12" Meade SCT, now sold. I’ve moved to refractors only hence reason for sale. This Clement Focuser was mainly used by me with the hand focus knob, is highly accurate for close-up lunar and planetary imaging, and took heavy filter wheel and cameras with ease. The RoboFocus (for sale separately at additional cost) fits easily onto the Focuser and operates
  12. Yes, I believe it’s also a field flattener (search the Optec NextGen website for detailed information which is very comprehensive - ‘it is also excellent at correcting the optical problems like spherical chromatism and optical curvature that are common in these telescopes’). I used it on the Meade 12", I once owned, for galaxy imaging with the SXVF H9C camera, greatly reducing the imaging time. Now SOLD.
  13. Optec NGW 0.5X (Next Generation WideField) telecompressor for sale, increases the effective speed of the Meade and Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes from f/10 to f/5. This 1/2 times reduction in focal length allows for 4 times greater field area and 1/4 reduction in exposure time for extended surface objects such as bright nebulae. The system is optimized specifically for f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes to allow for correction of the field curvature and spherical-chromatism that afflicts these types of instruments. At f/5, the maximum corrected field has a diameter of 17.5 mm at the i
  14. True Technology six-position 1.25” powered Custom-Wheel for sale with hand controller and cables (power cable fits cigar-socket). 1.25” filters and nosepiece adapters are not included (the wheel can take either 1.25” or 2” nosepieces). Filter wheel has 6 filter positions plus one black position for taking dark frames. There is slight perishing of foam seal towards central axle on housing (see images) but does not affect performance and can easily be replaced. This powered wheel is NOT software driven but moved by joystick on the hand controller. Payment by personal cheque (camera will be
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