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  1. This image taken from London with a Nikon 850 and 500mm PF lens on tripod, heavily cropped: http://www.malcolmpark.com/p/vKpPH Unfortunately the event last night was too low and too SW in sky to capture from my observatory site. Tonight the weather is the spoiler.
  2. Great and detailed captures. Sadly it is typically clouded out here for next 5 days.
  3. Some captures before clouds rolled in, single stills all taken with a Nikon Z7 camera on white light wedge, 5" Tak refractor on ap1200.
  4. Thanks, pity about the clarity.
  5. A capture of this massive sunspot region, morning of 7 Nov through slightly hazy sky. 5" refractor on ap1200 with solar white light wedge and ASI 290MM camera, colourized in photoshop.
  6. A capture of Mars from mid evening with Tak 102nsv, ancient Meade x2 barlow and ZWO ASI290MM & manual ZWO 1.25" filterwheel. Wrong scope for the target but hadn’t installed the larger one, not a bad result for the 4" Tak. Left hand images are the R, G, B. Seeing was decidedly wobbly and firework smoke in the air.
  7. Thanks. Forgot to mention, taken with Tak 102nsv and reducer.
  8. I’m getting back to astro imaging after a very long time away, this is my first real attempt with a cooled camera for years, the newly acquired (only this week) ASI294MM Pro. A 60min capture in Ha, in 10min subs for the main structure and some 30sec subs for the core, early hours today. Darks and Flats calibrated. Next will be OIII captures, weather allowing.
  9. All sorted. Even managed to get the ancient and wonderful Artemis 11002 running smoothly via Maxim DL.
  10. Hi William Diffraction got back to me on the forum. Procedure (as you suggested) is to remove all old Diffraction software however once the upgrade key has been purchased you then have to upload the demo version of DL v6.2 (not the full version). On running the demo version load the attached .txt file from Diffraction’s email and it populates the User Registration panel with the required info. Thanks for your help.
  11. I’m attempting to reinstall all my astro software on a Windows 10 laptop after the previous dinosaur (XP) gave up the ghost. The only problematic software appears to be Maxim DL. I have the original Maxim DL v4. something CD and a plethora of License Key upgrades purchased over the intervening period. Today I also purchased a current upgrade key (on checking the Diffraction website I found I was eligible for a reduced price upgrade). Having installed the original disk onto the new laptop, I’m asked to fill in the User Registration details, however none appear to work. Has anyone else resolved this issue. I’ve also posted on the Diffraction forum, with no luck as yet.
  12. Two captures from the event today, Ha filtered image with Coronado 90 on Tak 102 (SkyNyx 2.1) and White Light Baader Wedge on Tak 90 with Canon 40D: https://www.pixelrights.com/malcolm-park/albums/40b0z/latest-1
  13. Captured overhead in London sky at 8.43pm on 9th April - the fainter trail of the SpaceX Dragon CRS-8 resupply craft chasing the International Space Station and due to dock with the ISS on April 10th carrying 7,000lbs of cargo: https://www.pixelrights.com/malcolm-park/albums/Ix4nf/latest-news-1
  14. A capture of the ISS flyover of London on 4.4.16, on Nikon D3 with fisheye lens: https://www.pixelrights.com/malcolm-park/albums/Ix4nf/latest-news-1
  15. I recently specified a custom tube for a Takahashi refractor with JTech Design, having seen a thread on here. Well, it arrived today and I’m very impressed. Its beautifully engineered with an anodised finish, with a front thread to take 2" filter and two locking knobs at the rear (camera) end, all for a price which beats the official Tak components and it is better made. John at JTech communicated well by email all the way through the production process, thoroughly recommended.
  16. Several mono filter and RGB combined images taken between 18:25 and 19:10 on a Tak FS128 refractor with filterwheel, x2.5 Powermate and SkyNyx 2.1 mono camera. Seeing was reasonable tonight, flaws in the images are down to my processing!
  17. Some captures of Jupiter between 18:45 and 21:00 on 6th March, taken with a Tak 5" refractor, RGB filters, Meade x2 Barlow and SkyNyx 2.1 camera. Conditions not ideal, some high altitude wispy cloud and atmospheric turbulence..
  18. As a 40D and ccd user, the Canon 40D has live view and, to my mind, is the perfect dslr camera for astro imaging. Fold out screen is not important. Second hand mint 40D camera is now around £140.00. Add a programmable timer remote and ac power adapter for longer duration imaging. (The Canon 30D does not have live view).
  19. With an almost full moon in the sky, and with PHD guiding now working again after a mysterious gremlin for several weeks, I decided to experiment with a galaxy, my first galaxy capture in 5 years. This is M81 from 12 subs, 6 at 600secs and 6 at 1200secs (3 hours total). Telescope is Takahashi 102 NSV fitted with tak reducer/flattener, a gerd neumann filter drawer with astronomik 12nm Ha filter, and SXVF H9 mono camera. Calibrated with Bias and Flats only in Maxim DL. Capture taken at 20.00 till 23.00, London suburbs. Still very noisy.
  20. I think the ascom site allows you to download older versions also - scratch that, just checked. Its the Astro Physics ascom drivers link I’m thinking of.
  21. I’ve just fired up my Win7 laptop. I have Ascom 6 installed. The Ascom.Utilities.dll file is here: Program files>common files>ASCOM folder>.net folder Within the .net folder are two files and a read me doc: Ascom.DriverAccess.dll Ascom.Utilities.dll Read Me document The read me document says: These files are not in use by the Platform, they are just present to ensure that installers created for platform 5 that test for their presence continue to work correctly.
  22. I’ve had PHD guiding problems recently on my laptop running XP (though it worked for 7 years). I also installed from scratch onto a much more powerful laptop running windows 7 and initially had problems with ASCOM installation, though it is now fully functioning. The laptop anti virus software may have been an issue, though I fiddled around so much I didn’t document how things finally got sorted. I guess you have seen this: http://www.ascom-standards.org/Help/Developer/html/T_ASCOM_Utilities_Exceptions_ProfilePersistenceException.htm
  23. I spent some time last night attempting to resolve an autoguiding issue, whic remains unresolved. The tandem mount had a StarlightXpress H9 mono camera fitted with a 40 year old 200mm f/4 Nikkor manual lens via a Kood adapter and with a 2" Ha filter in front of the lens via a step-down ring. I let this lot run unguided while I tackled the PHD problem, so this is the combined 11 x 3min subs before the clouds inevitably rolled in. Not bad for a lens which is effectively worthless in the second hand market - and all from light polluted London.
  24. I was cleaning up the mount in bright sunshine this morning so decided to have a go on the sun. Having just recently obtained Backyard EOS, I put a Canon 40D on the scope to try out focus and capture on the sun (normally I’m using a SkyNyx for this). Mightily impressed with Backyard EOS, focus and exposure evaluation on the laptop screen is simple, also surprised how much detail can be picked out on a single frame from a standard dslr - this was with a 2.5x Powermate added and consists of two frames butted together in Photoshop.
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