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Jupiter GRS Io shadow transit 2-2-2015


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maybe too far the other way now


Looks a lot better, It was too red

But Freddie is right about the times capturing. Look for a tutorial about winjupos and under good seeing up the image scale with a higher power barlow, 6000mm is a good scale though that's with my camera, yours might do better a bit lower. a C11 can do wonderful images even in the UK

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My x2.5 powermate is out on loan so I'm using a sigma teleconvertor  @x1.4 maybe the x2 would be better idea if the local seeing would hold, the obs is a bit cramped so i have decided the 11 can go back on the EQ6 outside as it will also give me room to move.

I have convinced myself that some of the seeing problems are down to me being in the obs with the scope

the x5 PM is too much except on maybe 1 night every 5 years :grin:

I will have another go at winjupos

I did try it a couple of years ago but failed

thanks for the suggestions and input

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