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Sunday Solar Sunday Jan18th


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When I woke up this morning the clouds were winning the battle of the skies. However, as the day has run on the skies are beautifully clear in Northampton. Time for a quick session :laugh:

20 seconds later...... I am sat in my ironing chair admiring the lovely view of our very own star, and what a lovely sight it is .. ...

There is not much in the way of huge prominences but there are some lovely little prominences dominating the 7 & 10 O'clock positions, about 5 or six of them, collectively with their different shapes and sizes they make quite nice viewing . There are also the faint remnants of yesterdays "V" shaped prom around the 1 O'clock position to be seen, very faint now but visible all the same.

The colour and detail on the surface never fails to surprise me, no matter how often I see it I am mesmerised, and today is no exception... a lovely bright orange massive burning ember.

In white light there are a few sunspots gathering together north of the centre, I zoomed in using the 3mm and what a fantastic collection. There are about 4 or 5 spots using a 6mm but when zoomed in there are actually too many to count :laugh: There is also quite a large spot just below the 7 O'clock position which may be responsible for the activity in Ha and another little collection to the south just right of the centre.

Back off outside I go before the sun disappears... 1 week 5 days to go :grin:

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Great report, Shaun. More clear sky than expected here going by the rather useless BBC weather forecast last night! :rolleyes:

Things I really loved were the big filaprom by AR2259 that is close to sailing over to the far side, it looked so 3D/chunky/deep! And the proms kept things lively, with bits (seemingly) detaching here and there. I don't think I have seen so many bits detach in a session before :shocked: I had a lot of fun whizzing between the proms to see if anything much had changed.

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I am surprised that you have never bother with Ha Solar, I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed.... I cant wait to use the Quark... from what I have read, and Luke mentioned this, a Quark / Lunt hybrid comes out tops.


There are a surprising amount of detachments, most unusual. I have been using "forecast.co.uk" along with "Clearoutside" for the weather.

1 week 4.5 days to go....

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