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Mad moment!


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I had a mad moment tonight, when I blamed my mount for acting peculiar.  I was looking at M31, while waiting for the Orion Nebula to show above the surrounding houses.

When it did at last peek over the roof tops, I took hold of the handset and tapped in the Messier number "M57" (I take it you have spotted the error here?).

You would not believe the language I used to curse the mount...after three attempts, parking after each.  Why? I asked each time, is the darn thing pointing almost horizontal and to WnW?

I think that I have more stored memory than the handset, and The Ring Nebula being the last thing I looked at before I have had another chance (and sky) to use the scope again, I forgot to reset the stored data in my head!

I still cannot believe that it took three goes to realise I wanted M42 and not M57...Idiot!

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The difference is obvious - the M42 is in the Midlands and the M57 is near Liverpool - totally different declination / RA.

Apparently there is a new plugin for Stellarium that turns it into a Tom Tom - should make life simpler.

Nearest one to me is the Butterfly Cluster M6 (Junction 19) :smiley:

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