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  1. Not exactly what your looking for but I've a 174M colour cooled version if you're interested
  2. Thanks - an interesting article that I'll read in detail and will then consider my options.
  3. I have a pair of Lunt Engineering 100mm 45 degree APO binoculars and I'm struggling to get the 2 images to merge together. I tried them on Saturn tonight with a variety of good quality eyepieces at different magnifications with and without my reading glasses but no joy. Varying the inter pupillary distance also made no difference. Is it a job that's do-able from home with the right kit or do I need to send them away - if yes who to please? Thanks in advance, M
  4. Great news - I'd recommend both my minitower Pro and IEQ45 Pro mounts without hesitation, a skyguider pro is likely to be my next purchase.
  5. Hi, someone else saw my response to your enquiry and they bought if for the full price so unfortunately it's no longer available, good luck hunting.
  6. Hi, I have a 48mm IDAS LPS-P2 Japan made filter that is in mint condition in original box if you're interested. How about £120 incl. UK postage http://www.iankingimaging.com/show_product.php?id=1560 Regards, Mark
  7. 7 x 50 Fujinon - I have yet to look through a better pair of binos. I've tried Swarovski and Leica and they are very comparable but perhaps my eyes are now the weakest link.
  8. Hi Stu, hadn't spotted that you're looking for one as it's mine on UKABAS. We've met at SGL star parties and we once did a deal on some Helios binos. Let me know if you're still looking and we can do a deal if no one else shows interest as I'm selling a few bits to fund some big APM binos. Cheers, Mark
  9. Hi Malcolm, Looks like a great bit of kit and apologies for my slow response as I've been snowed under recently, will study the photos in detail to help me decide the way forward. Thanks again M
  10. How are getting along with the Skyguider Pro as Father Christmas might be asked to bring me one, I had a Star Adventurer and found the engineering to be a bit flimsy. I have 2 other iOptron mounts and like them both so a 3rd might be on the way.
  11. Looks like a great set up and thanks for sharing, don't suppose they're for sale - only joking. You're right to question the strength of the std L bracket and I've had the same concern. Would you be willing to share the design of your custom bracket so that I could get one made somewhere? Thanks, M
  12. My hesitations are reducing and I'm in the process of deciding what items of astro kit I need to sell. I'm lucky to have some great kit and to be honest I don't want to sell anything but needs must.
  13. Whatever you buy I'd definitely recommend one with a pivoting rear screen, makes life much simpler and more comfortable to use - I have a modified Canon 600D. Second hand in the UK it's worth about US $350
  14. Many thanks, it might be me being too conservative. The centre of gravity of the load will be a little further away from the centre of the tripod than a single refractor so I'd have to keep it as close as possible to reduce the bending moment. Also I've had a thought - I could load my 130mm frac so that it weighs more the binos and then mount it on my AZ Pro in a similar position to where the binos would be and then see what happens.
  15. I'm thinking of chopping and changing my kit yet again so that I can purchase a set of APM 120mm binos. I'd like to mount them onto my iOptron AZ Pro to provide a simple GOTO and tracking facility. The binos weigh 9Kg and the iOpton mount capacity is stated as 15Kg which means it should be well within it's theoretical limits. ( Counterweights and shaft are not shown in the first image.) As a mechanical engineer I have a niggling feeling that the set up won't be suitable but I'm unsure why - I would appreciate your feedback please.
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