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  1. Wanted - 130p heritage

    I have a Skywatcher 130 goto that I'm looking to sell, it's currently on UKABAS complete with lots of extras
  2. Help Wanted

    I've downloaded Stellarium and will get C du C to give it a try - many thanks.
  3. Help Wanted

    Help needed please, hopefully an easy one for the right willing volunteer. I've never controlled my AZEQ5 by Stellarium / laptop so I'd like some assistance please in getting it up and running. I've just bought a Lynx astro EQDIR USB cable from FLO and have downloaded ASCOM Driver 6.3 and EQASCOM V200K in preparation. Is there anything else I should do in preparation whilst still at home? Thank you in advance.
  4. Brilliant image, please will you share details re scope / lens, camera, number of images, mount, guided or not, etc as I'd love to be able to replicate it.
  5. Incoming: Losmandy AZ8

    Thanks for the link and I'll have a look, must remember to add VAT to the prices shown.
  6. Incoming: Losmandy AZ8

    I'm on the market for something like this - Who retails them in the UK?
  7. Good images with neglible effort in AZ mode - How?

    Olly thanks and yes I've seen these and they look very tempting, when you mention CMOS do you mean something like a ZWO or ATIK etc that connects to a bayonet camera lens? AS you'll know my EOS600 is not full frame so x1.6 factor needs to be applied to the focal length of a lens. Will that need to be applied to the CMOS cameras? Also what focal length will these mounts handle without guidance?
  8. Good images with neglible effort in AZ mode - How?

    Well spotted but my signature is out of date so I'll update it now, that mount and Polemaster were sold last weekend in prep to buy something else.
  9. Good images with neglible effort in AZ mode - How?

    Thanks for all the responses and help, much appreciated. Going back to my original thread - "I want to be able to take half decent colour astrophotos without the need for major reprocessing; quickly and easily" Would a colour Atik Infinity (video) type camera be more suitable for Alt Az astrophotography?
  10. Good images with neglible effort in AZ mode - How?

    I agree with you Ian; it's about getting the most use from the equipment you have given the restrictions that the UK weather etc imposes. I've tried AP on an EQ mount and it's just too much faff for my liking as I don't have a permanent setup. OK AZ astro photos might not be as "good" but that doesn't matter to me.
  11. Good images with neglible effort in AZ mode - How?

    Thank you, your CPC1100 is a great scope with a very long focal length and I'll probably be working at shorter focal lengths so should be easier. Have you ever used it on a wedge?
  12. I became frustrated by imaging due to set up time, polar alignment, processing time, weather restrictions, guiding etc etc so I'm now a 95% visual astronomy who likes to take the occasional astrophoto - I'm not fussy about what I image so could be anything planets, moon, clusters, comets, DSO and I don't expect the quality to be brilliant as I'm happy to look at something that is recognisable. I've sold most of my AP kit including my EQ mount but I've still got a ZWOASI120MC and a modified EOS600. I have a 130mm Frac f/7 triplet with reducer at f/5.6; an 80mm Frac ED f/6.25 Primalucelab and a 9.25 SCT f/10 with reducer at f/6.3 to choose from. I'm planning on buying a new GOTO AZ mount that will cope with the scopes above and will be used whilst taking any astrophotos. So to cut a long story short I want to be able to take half decent colour astrophotos without the need for major reprocessing; quickly and easily. Firstly what AZ mount would you recommend? Secondly should I buy another camera that would suit my new set up better and give me the results I want, for example how about an Atik Infinity?
  13. Anti competitive activity?

    I agree with you whole heartedly and I'm not averse to paying a bit more to secure the features mentioned and I have bought numerous items form FLO and Altair Astro as they have always gone the extra mile for me. I started the thread to better understand how the UK astro equipment market and pricing works and to canvas others opinions, thank you for your comments.
  14. Anti competitive activity?

    I thank you for your response and I understand your comments however retailers have different variable and fixed costs, they have different buying capacities with their suppliers and have different business models around % EBIT required to make a living etc so for the prices all to be the same within a £ or so on items over £2k doesn't add up to me.
  15. Anti competitive activity?

    I'm interested in buying some expensive new astro kit and the prices on the www are exactly the same on every retailers website I've viewed - Why is this? Is it anti competitive behaviour?