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  1. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    My first visit to Galloway SP and many thanks to everyone who made me welcome - Mike, Richard, Damian and Ian to name a few. I could only attend on Sat and Sun but had great views both nights; Sunday was the best by far with clear skies from 2000hrs through to sunrise and was very cold / frosty. Mercury and Venus looked superb during the sunset followed by Saturn, Mars and Jupiter a few hours later - brilliant to see them all in a row. I will definitely go back to Dunroamin as I've been assured that the weather is always dry and sunny. Astrocamp is the next SP for me so I might see some of you there.
  2. Anyone used Altair Astro ?

    I have used Altair Astro on numerous occasions and have never had any problems with them. A few weeks ago I purchased an iOptron iEQ45Pro mount and without hesitation they offered to provide it with a demo pier instead of a tripod for the same price - it was delivered the next day. I spend about £1-2k per annum on new stuff and try to spread it around the various suppliers; it's in astronomers interests if there's a healthy supply chain out there. So far I have not been seriously let down by any of the suppliers.
  3. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Hi Adrian, Thanks for the intel, sounds like an interesting few days and I'm looking forward to it. Just got to decide what astro kit to bring besides the Lagavulin. Regards, Mark
  4. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Mike, Thanks for the update and I will decide nearer the time which days to attend - either Fri, Sat, Sun or Sat, Sun, Mon most likely. Best Regards, Mark
  5. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Hi, I booked to attend this in Feb 2017 but storm Doris had different ideas, then the heavy rain caused the site to be closed last November so hopefully 3rd time lucky. I need to finalise what days to attend - Please will someone confirm the main days? Also I'm partial to a single malt so may bring a bottle along if others are interested. Thanks, Mark
  6. Total newbie to VA/EAA

    Hi Rob, Many thanks for your reply and I'll check out the youtube link. Regards, Mark
  7. Total newbie to VA/EAA

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of general advice as I fancy having a go at VA and I can't decide on the way forward as I have too many options. My current kit is listed in my signature, I chop and change my Astro equipment on a regular basis as that is one of the things I like about the hobby. (Fortunately my wife is very understanding so getting new kit is not an issue) As a result I don't really master any one astro subject but I have fun using different kit which is the main thing. I don't have an EQ mount just an ioptron minitower pro. at the moment, I suppose ultimately I'd like to end up with reasonably portable set up that would allow me to do EAA, AP and visual. Options: 1) Use my existing ioptron mount in AZ mode with a new EAA camera - probably a Atik Horizon (colour) with my 130mm and 80mm fracs. 2) Buy an ioptron IEQ45 Pro mount and use my modified Canon 600D (assuming it can do EAA) and Eagle core for control and guiding. (unfortunately my budget won't stretch to a new IEQ45 and a new Atik Horizon) 3) Buy an ioptron CEM25P mount and an Atik Horizon (colour) and use with my 80mm frac. and Eagle core for control and guiding. What would you do? Different EAA camera? Different mount? Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  8. Ioptron AZ Pro

    Hi, I have an ioptron minitower pro which is the same as the one below, it's in good used condition and works a treat, complete with 2nd dovetail clamp, aluminium storage case, counterweight and 2" tripod. I am asking £550 + £15 uk p+p or you can pay cash on collection from mid Cheshire. ENS also have the same as mine for sale at £748 https://www.astroshop.eu/alt-azimuth-with-goto/ioptron-minitower-pro-mount-with-2-tripod/p,50082?utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=50082&utm_campaign=1801&utm_source=froogle&gclid=Cj0KCQiAv_HSBRCkARIsAGaSsrBexj1c2yZ2217ZvmGCDZr_K5_4AZljRgaQLQt2WHrN1S6hAA99L4QaAryREALw_wcB&utm_content=
  9. WinRAR worked so 3.3.6 downloaded and opened, I selected and ticked 26 images that were registered and stacked, it took a couple of minutes and the result was a correctly proportioned image which is a big improvement over the first one. The downside now though is that DSS says that only 1 image has been stacked at 1minute 16 seconds exposure- Any suggestions as to what has happened please?
  10. I've now downloaded 3.3.6 version but my laptop won't do anything with the RAR file - any suggestions? Is it possible to download in a different format?
  11. I loaded 3.3.2 so will try 3.3.6 and will let you know - thanks.
  12. Hi, I have just downloaded and used DSS for the first time. Recently I took a series of photos of M45 through my 200mm lens on my modified canon camera which was mounted on my star adventurer. The photos varied in both ISO value and duration and I ended up with 13 decent lights some of which showed some blue nebulosity. These were registered and stacked in DSS with a total exposure time of 15 minutes and 25 seconds. The saved TIF file appears on the screen as a thin rectangular image, M45 is not recognisable and the nebulosity has disappeared - what am I doing wrong please as the single lights are better than the stacked image. Thanks in anticipation. Mark IMG_2802.CR2 M45 FIRST STACK ATTEMPT.TIF
  13. Atik Infinity Colour Camera

    No problem - my "sanction manager" has now authorised the purchase of the new Atik Horizon instead as a Chrissie present so I'll probably go down that route (or ASI1600 or QHY163 decisions; decisions)
  14. Atik Infinity Colour Camera

    Hi Ed, I'm considering trying EAA so this camera is on my list of possibles however they are £898 new from FLO so £845 is not a great saving. What is the minimum you'd accept for it please? Thanks, M
  15. What did the postman bring?

    Hi, I recognise that eyepiece ;-) and I'm glad that you're happy with it, I have lots of kit for sale on UKABAS at the moment including a 5mm Pentax XW if you're interested.