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  1. A40farinagolf

    DSS - Lights all the same?

    Many thanks and much better than I achieved, I have another 60 lights taken on the same night at different isos and exposure times. Should I process them in groups of lights that have the same settings and then stack the processed images along with the one you've created?
  2. A40farinagolf

    DSS - Lights all the same?

    No rush at all and I'd be grateful for any help.
  3. A40farinagolf

    DSS - Lights all the same?

    I used live view on a bright star and then locked the focusser so should be close. Big favour - Are you able to process the fts file for me to show me what is achievable with the data that I've collected, that way I'll know whether it's my processing or the data that's inadequate. Hope you don't think I'm being cheeky.
  4. A40farinagolf

    DSS - Lights all the same?

    No, just told it to save file as a fts file
  5. A40farinagolf

    DSS - Lights all the same?

    Hi, The attached file was stacked in DSS and is made up of 19 lights all 30 seconds at ISO1600 on a modified Canon 600D mounted onto a 4" frac and my skies are semi rural so reasonably dark. I've tried processing it in startools but can't obtain anything worth saving. Can someone confirm if the data is any good or not as I'm at a loss as to what to do next. Autosave002.fts
  6. A40farinagolf

    DSS - Lights all the same?

    Hi, Makes sense thanks and I'll try a similar process, (only have lights) and will see how it comes out., Cheers, Mark
  7. Hi, Newbie to DSS so this is likely to be a simple question to answer. Should I use lights that are all the same ISO and duration or is a mix OK? Thanks.
  8. A40farinagolf

    Startools help

    Thanks, just downloaded 126 pages so a bit of light reading for me.
  9. A40farinagolf

    Startools help

    Right clicked on the autosaved .fit file and no option appeared to do a "save as" so I'm now restacking and have requested a TIFF file output so will see if that is opened by Startools.
  10. A40farinagolf

    Startools help

    Thanks to everyone for your help so far and I'll try the suggestions - I'll get there one day!!!
  11. A40farinagolf

    Startools help

    I'll give it a try and thanks for your help, seems crazy to me that software systems won't talk to each other. Startools knows that it will be processing files that have been stacked in DSS so it's software should open the autosaved fit file and create a new one that it can work with.
  12. Hi, I''ve just used DSS for the first time and it's stacked the lights OK and it has created a .tif file. I then downloaded the demo / trial version of Startools and asked it to open the above .tif image file, it came back with a message saying "Could not read file. Make sure image file is FITS file, an uncompressed, IBM PC byte-order TIFF file or a PNG" Are you able to stop me falling at the first hurdle please?
  13. A40farinagolf

    Who Makes The Best Binoculars?

    Fujinon 7x50 FMT SX 2 - mine are superb but they cost circa £900 new so should be
  14. A40farinagolf

    SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    Now booked for Fri, Sat and Sunday nights with food incl. - looking forward to it again.
  15. A40farinagolf

    Atik One 6.0 mono camera focussing

    I had a play this afternoon and connected a Canon lens to the Atik camera and managed to photograph so trees in the distance. My Canon lens has a back focus of 44mm and the Atik is 27mm so I used an adjustable spacer set at 17mm to get me in the right back focus area. After a bit of tweaking it worked a treat so I'm ready to try it on the sky soon. Thanks for your help and guidance.

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