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  1. Superb collection, I couldn't part with any of those, of the 3 pairs I'd expect the L series Canon IS to best suit me. Which do you prefer and why?
  2. Now booked for Fri, Sat and Sun so fingers crossed.
  3. Hi, I have a pair of 100mm ED 45 degree Lunt Engineering / APM binoculars that I may consider selling. They are in mint condition with the original eyepieces and foam packaging. PM me if you're interested. Regards, Mark
  4. 2nd hand Starwave 152mm and Altair Sabre Alt Az mount. Very pleasing views of the moon tonight with minor CA, I'm awaiting delivery of a Baader semi apo filter to see what effect that will have. The plan is to paint the home made c/w a similar shade of red or possibly silver.
  5. Yes its a great club and I'd recommend it, we haven't met for quite a while for obvious reasons however we have a monthly zoom call with presentations, sharing photos and news updates etc, its held on the last Friday of the month. Have a look at the facebook page for more info. https://www.facebook.com/groups/243183369351766
  6. Welcome - I'd recommend that you join a local astro group, there are loads to choose from in Cheshire, I attend one at Delamere.
  7. I've just sold my 110mm W.O triplet so I'll keep the 80mm for a bit longer so unfortunately it's no longer for sale.
  8. Hi Geordie, The newer version retails (GT81) for about £1200 and I'm looking for £675 + postage. See the article below for more info. Regards, Mark https://www.cloudynights.com/articles/cat/user-reviews/telescopes/80mm-90mm-refractors/megrez-80-ii-ed-triplet-apo-r1197
  9. My last purchase from them was 9th March so I'll be off their Christmas card list this year. my FLO shopping trolley has a few items in it though so might be able to redeem the situation.
  10. I don't specifically buy kit to make me happier however if the kit helps me achieve my astronomy objectives then this will make me happier. I own loads of kit that I chop and change on a regular basis, researching, buying and then setting up / using an assortment of astro equipment is more rewarding for me than using the same equipment for several years - each to their own.
  11. Hi Dan, Apologies for the slow response, the scope I have is a Megrez 80 Mk 11 ED Triplet SMC 560mm focal length. I hadn't really thought about selling it until I saw the original wanted advert. Regards, Mark
  12. What's your budget as I've a William Optics 80mm triplet that I might sell.
  13. I agree with your suggestion, I was trying to find a way of utilising it differently without ending up with any major compromises but I don't think that's possible.
  14. How about fitting the 2" filter on to a piece of card that goes over the objective lens?
  15. Hi, I have a 2" IDAS D2 light pollution filter that I would like to use with my astro modified Canon 600 camera and my L series 200mm lens which has a 72mm filter thread on the front. Is there an easy way to connect them all together? Thanks, M
  16. Hi, not sure if Meade are premium enough for you but these filters seem very good to me. Let me know what you think. At the price I'm asking you could try them out and if they aren't suitable you can resell. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/agentadmin.php?edit=160304 Regards, Mark
  17. If this isn't available have a look on https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php
  18. I've managed to instruct Stellarium to index my CEM25P mount to selected items via a StarFi wifi link and touch wood it seems to work very well. The quandary I have is how does Stellarium know where it's pointing if I don't tell it the origin of it's travels. Does it assume it's initially pointing to Polaris or do I have to give it a datum / starting point ?
  19. Tagged onto this old thread as it partly help me to achieve what I wanted. Whilst cosy and warm in the dining room I've managed to instruct Stellarium to index my CEM25P mount to selected items via a StarFi wifi link and touch woods it seems to work very well. The quandary I have is that Stellarium did not know where the actual scope was pointing, however it still showed a telescope circle label on the night sky display. The software then issued commands based on a starting position in the sky that it believed my scope was actually pointing at. How do I align Stellarium to
  20. Hi, How are you getting on with your CEM25P? I ask because I have just purchased a 2nd hand one and hopefully it will arrive soon. Any hints and tips would be gratefully received. Cheers, M
  21. Any news on dates for this year please as I'd like to reserve them asap - would be great to have 2 parties this year - spring and autumn
  22. I appreciate the feedback and it sounds like what I'm looking for doesn't exist as I'd prefer one intuitive software package that would allow me to capture and process a range of images, I'm not looking to achieve Sky at Night quality images, just something that is pretty good (whatever that means) -
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