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Taken from Le Mans - forgot I had even done this

Kaptain Klevtsov

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Were you there for the Le Man 24hr? If so, Lucky blighter!

Well I can see Cassiopeia just to the left of the tree silohette and the Double Cluster almost in the tree. So is that Polaris towards top centre?


Could have it completely wrong mind.


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Been trying to get maps of the area to get an alignment but no luck yet :lol:

BTW it wasn't for the 24Hrs, we were visiting a friend of "our lass" that she used to work with (in Le Mans) 20 or so years ago whe she was a teenager. We got to lay a concrete floor for her, move a light fitting and general other stuff that ladies like to leave for us to do. It must be a [removed word] if you are female and live alone, it takes years to get this stuff done!

Bit fed up about the tree - seems to have got in the way of Andromeda - it could have been awesome.

Captain Chaos

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