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XT4.5 or XT6?

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I'm hoping to make a telescope purchase within a few months, and I think I've narrowed my choice down to 2. I'm trying to decide between the Orion Skyquest XT 4.5 and the Skyquest XT 6. I'm curious as to how much difference I should expect in what kind of detail I'll be able to see, and if there's much of a difference in ease of use. Keep in mind, this will be the first telescope I've had since I had an inexpensive probably 3 inch telescope when I was a kid (about 20 years ago).

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People usually say 'aperture is king' but this isn't always true. In your case though I'd definitely get the XT6. It's got a nice slow speed of f8 meaning you'll have a big range of low price eyepieces to choose from should you decide to upgrade the ones that come with the telescope itself and you won't have to be so fussy about getting exact collimation.

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I think I've pretty much decided to go with the XT 6. I have a co-worker that does some part-time freelance photography and we've been talking about trying our hand at some astrophotography when I get a telescope. How easy or difficult would it be too get some decent lunar or planetary images? He has a midlevel camera that he uses for sports photography.

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On 25/02/2014 at 17:04, ScottM said:

How easy or difficult would it be too get some decent lunar or planetary images?


Although I don’t do imaging, at my local club most seem to try basic lunar photography to start with. The moon is big bright and easy to point your scope at, bright means exposures can be short so fewer problems. Take some advice, do your best and shoot away and see what you get. It’s a learning curve but your failures will lead to better images.

Good luck, Ed.

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