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M81, too little, too late

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I should have started on this target months ago - but weather never really permitted a go.

Galaxies are my personal favourites though so I spent a few hours on this and tried out some processing 'tricks' for my OSC. (Gradient Exterminator basically).

The stars look like someone dropped M&Ms all over the place, yes I got carried away admittedly after suffering very ghost white stars in the Eagle.

Not much to show amongst this ever improving crowd but I've got to put it somewhere :grin: !

3 hours 52 minutes, SW120 reduced to f6.4.




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Hello again.

I managed to collect some more data, so now I have four nights, 6 hours and 44 minutes. The conditions aren't ideal, but I got it rolling, so might as well stick with it. I found some old RC data from February that I added to the galaxy as well as a layer, blend mode luminosity at 50%. I don't know how much difference that really made, but experimenting is always fun.

The stars are perhaps a bit more muted in this edit.

Thanks for looking!




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I'd prefer the wide-field one with M82 in it too personally.

This is what I wanted to revisit Steve. The RC at f8 meant a tight squeeze, and I'd like to give it all a bit more space. But clouds, clouds, clouds....

Below is some data I found from a visit to Les Granges - trying to rein in a stubborn iEQ45...



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