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  1. No, I won't! It's perfect for my mount and equipment. Without your advice at the begining I don't think I would've been able to make it work as it does now, thank you! E.
  2. Congratulations to you all and thank you! I am also very flattered as there were top notch images in the mix. Epicycle
  3. Hello, here is a bi-colour image of the Elephant's trunk taken during the month of August. The data consists of: -25x1200 subs of Ha (astrodon 5nm) bin 1x1 at -15C -12X1200 subs of OIII (astrodon 3nm) bin 2x2 at -15C The equipment used was: SW 130PDS+Atik 460+HeQ5+Lodestar Processed in Pixinsight and Affinity Photo Thanks for looking! Epicycle
  4. The most common reducer for the RCs is the astrophysics telecompressor ccdt 67, you can happily make the RC an f6, e.
  5. Fantastic image, great framing and target selection. e.
  6. Thanks Olly! M66 is indeed very pretty, but at the moment I have a weakness for ngc 5033. e.
  7. Oh... That is wonderful and the detail is quite something! E.
  8. Martin, Chris and Matt-c: many thanks for the comments! E.
  9. Well, a six element astrograph is too much for the humble 130! Have fun with the first light. E.
  10. Well, galaxy season is just around the corner and for that you might find that the wo71 needs replacing! E.
  11. That's a very nice luminance! Hopefully you can finish it when the moon goes away. I find that one hour of each R,G,B is enough to get the colour (although my star colour is never great), but with the L, I try to get at least 6hs (weather permitting of course...). E.
  12. My skies are not that great... But with our kit we can still have some fun! Looking forward to seeing your images. E.
  13. Many thanks to all for the kind comments! Very much appreciated. E.
  14. Hi, it's been a while since I've posted here. I've been using the 130pds again lately, this time with some broadband; I attach a classic, the Leo triplet. It's 10hs of LRGB (7hsL+3hsRGB) with the 130pds and Atik 460 captured with Sequence Generator Pro, processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop. Mount: HEq5 with Lodestar guider. There is a very faint hint of the tidal tale of Ngc 3628 and that's probably all I'm going to get from my light polluted location unless I increase considerably the exposure time. Comments welcome and thanks for looking! cheers Epicycle PS-I had a go at the triplet with the 130 and the H9 a couple of years ago, but this data is much cleaner.
  15. Exquisite image John! E.
  16. I agree, but I already had one so it made sense to get the adapter and try. The versatility of the FT makes its price a bit more tolerable.... And autofocus is something I do appreciate now.
  17. Hi, I append below my most recent image with the 130pds. It's ngc2903, circa 10hs in LRGB with Atik 460. I think I said somewhere in this thread that it was a pitty that the focuser of this scope could not be upgraded. Actually that's not quite true, you can actually fit a Feathertouch focuser without problems. The secret is the adapter: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/starlight-instruments-feather-touch-components/feather-touch-adapter-20-for-orion-sky-quest-xt-intelliscope-telescopes.html (I think someone here at SGL mentioned this explicitly somewhere, but I can't find the post now.) Obviously the cost of an FT is more than twice the cost of the 130, but I already had the FT in my RC. And that's the beauty of the FT focusers and their world of adapters, you can basically use one FT in all your scopes and if the FT is motorized (I have a Lakeside) then you can autofocus, so I can now run Sequence Generator Pro with all my scopes, 130 included Cheers Epicycle
  18. Yes, I meant the dovetail adaptor. Keep us posted if you get and try one! cheers E.
  19. Hi Rob, I'm looking at this adapter from TS. What would be the advantage really compared with the straight barrel version? E.
  20. Such a wonderful area to image, looking very good indeed E.
  21. Lovely image! (Great tip about PlateSolve2, I'll give that a go), cheers Epicycle
  22. I would expect them to be present too. Just took a look at your webpage, that astrograph is a real beauty! E.
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