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  1. Nice Rory. The Leo trio were all invisible when I tried last week so you did well just to observe two of them.
  2. Closest naked eye stars in my LP area are Chertan and Regulus :-(
  3. Used Stellarium angle tool (help file here) to create a star hopping chart for my newtonian scope. I intend to try this next clear night, if this helps anyone with a newtonian find these DSO's :-) Start at Regulus using low power ep Gary
  4. Cheers Steve. View was swimming around a bit but night was clear but have a street light pretty close to the East (left) when looking at Leo (South). Must be down to LP. Thanks everyone for your input Gary
  5. Last night took a look at Leo looking for galaxies M65 & M66. Had a lot of trouble even using Turn Left at Orion book so came in and opened Stellarium. Input my scope and ep's and jotted some stars down in an equivalent FOV to make a path to the targets. I got to the right area (pretty sure) but nothing visible :-( Here is my finder chart. Light pollution issue? Night was clear but seeing not great. Gary
  6. Hi Pat. Very nice mate I like to see sketches on here and you have a unique dramatic style. Gary
  7. Thanks a lot for taking time to help, or is it that you like spending another's money lol!! Cheers folks Gary
  8. Mmm 2 BST ED's are in budget from Skies The Limit on Ebay. Would a 5mm be usable in my F5 scope? With barlow it would be 300x magnification! Wow
  9. Yeah what is it with cloud lately! Worse than usual or is it just that I now have a reason to notice?
  10. And the 2x stock barlow (not in the list). The book is my best buy yet I reckon, a great help last session
  11. OK so have been at this great hobby for 4 months. I have a half decent scope for £90 that I finally know how to use to find stuff. More than happy with it for the time being. I have about £100 making a hole in my pocket, looking at the gear in my signature can anyone suggest a good next purchase? I have been thinking 9x50 finder scope (mine's 7x30 currently) or Telrad , upgrade focuser, barlow or eyepiece (my 10mm is heavily marked). I like sketching objects and have recently received a lovely sketching set for my birthday. Any ideas welcome! Clear skies folks Gary
  12. Good work. Jupiter IS awesome isn't it. Always worth a look. Have heard good reports about the SCP900, looking forward to seeing your images in future. I sketch - I have no suitable camera! Clear skies Gary
  13. This is what I'm trying to get to but I have used the airbrush to paint the outside. I tried making a circle shape the same dimensions as the current circle but when I used flood it just coloured the whole image?
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