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A little parcel from Steve arrived today :)

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I just picked up the parcel from Steve today, the content was Making Every Photon Count. Having just thumbed through it I can say that there is a lot of neat stuff for me to learn. He is very thorough. Everything from equipment to processing, from collimating to tracking. He even has a section on how to make your own pier in concrete ;)

He was even so kind as to include som red candy wrapper so I could nightvisionize my battery tank and headlamp.

The weather is actually not bad today. But I decided to stay home and read my book, charge the power-tank and do laundry. The clouds are supposed to roll in later, and since I have been so stressed out as soon as there is a clear night, I decided to take the Zen-approach and stay inside. Learning not to get stressed out over weather will probably turn out to be the best lesson I can learn if I'm supposed to survive this hobby. Like people say, the stars aren't going anywhere.

Thanks Steve for putting the 101 of AP to print!



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I received a parcel from Steve to-day too, but I am not telling you what it is.

Well OK I will give you hint, it is tubular, white and has 6 bolts. It comes between the legs and the moving part of a NEQ6.

You need to be good at guessing as there are no Instructions!!.

Regards mijijim.

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