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  1. I bought one item off both SGL & ABS last week, although they were both originally noticed on SGL. Mijijim.
  2. Hi, I was just browsing Wolfie's site and noticed A new Alt Az mount by Losmandy. Looks good. mijijim
  3. Hi, There is a Celestron/Vixen in the SGL classified Section for £250. I have the Vixen 102 version it is a very good frac. I have 5 fracs. mijijm
  4. Hi Nuclear Fusion sounds a bit dodgy, I will stick with the Skunk. mijijim
  5. Hi, I am retired and think early mornings are brill. I can go back to bed. mijijim
  6. Hi, If you still don't have a copy of the Illustrated Guide PM me a contact address or E-Mail and I will send you my copy. I have it filed next to Doric Scottish grammar for some reason. Mijijim.
  7. HI, At least there was not any clouds. mijijim
  8. Hi, Typical, anything to up the fare. Mijijim
  9. Hi, In the Independent that the journey took a year, it covered 440 million miles and cost £430 million which is slightly less than £1 per mile which is considerably cheaper than going by Taxi. mijijim
  10. Hi, I suppose I am quite lucky, as I work in a Green Bowling Club. The season for bowling finishes mid September leaving the Greens empty. I take my APM 80 and a Skytee to and leave them in the kitchen. The bar is open during the week allowing me to set up my kit and give interested members a trip around he Heavens. mijijim.
  11. Hi, At 150mm I would buy refractor. Cut out the problem in one swift movement of your mouse. Bobs Knobs, it sounds like a decease . mijijim.
  12. HI Paul, I have refined my grazing to Lumicon items that come up occasionaly, finders, filters and the likes. I have been watching a vintage diagonal and am hoping that someone will buy it before I give in. mijijim
  13. Hi Andy, Welcome to the club, I am from Colchester, so I should be looking at the same stars your looking at. I am sure I have seen that somewhere before. Never mind, OK!!! Mijijim
  14. Hi, I spent 12 years working in North Africa and various parts of the Middle East in the 1960/70. I have made it to my seventy third year, so I would not worry to much. mijijim.
  15. Hi Clive, I have noticed on the Cloudy Nite site that individuals are very reluctant to ship outside the USA. mijijim.
  16. Hi, The lights go off from mid-night untill Five in the morning in my part of Colchester. We now have a large increase in porch lights on all night coupled with a proliferation newly installed security lights flashing off and on. So overall not a great improvement. mijijim.
  17. This would be my worst nightmare, with a mechanical aptitude verging on nil I will stick to Refractors. mijijim
  18. Hi Dan, Have a double Malt Whisky and dream of perfect seeing. Regards mijijim.
  19. Hi, There is a few images of the Sun in The Mail on Line taken with a simple camera attatched to a telescope. I hope no one simply has a go. Regards mijijim
  20. Hi, Without a doubt fracs are my addiction, but hey! there is a way out. After some 30 years of ( some very good and some dire refractors) I have bought a 8" GSO RC. Now I have only to put it on a mount, but that will come in the next 30 years. Hopefully. mijijim.
  21. Good afternoon, I purchased equipment from Moonlite Focusers , it has been in British customs for clearance for 14 days. The last purchase arrived within a week. Is there a norm in clearance, or do they just take their time over things? Regards mijijim.
  22. Hi, Go inside and buy another TV eyepiece. mijijim.
  23. Hi' My bedroom, it's full of stuff I bought on cloudy nights. mijijim
  24. Hi, If I remember correctly Revelation used to make refractors. These were sold by Rother Valley Optics, may be worth giving them a bell. mijijim
  25. Hi Naemeth, I had much the same experience, but with Saturn with the 10" refractor at Ipswich Observatory. Only I gave in to aperture fever and bought a D&G 6" F12 refractor. mijijim.
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