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Morning All


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Just in from a 4:30 start! 2 degrees out there this morning - loverly!!

Beautifully clear sky, not bad considering Metcheck had me down for 100% cloud cover - good old Metcheck :clouds1:

Just missed Orion (annoyed!!), but got some images of Saturn which I'll process later at work :clouds1: and used up the last 3 frames on the SLR, so that'll be off to the Darkroom today.

Got a some lunar shots as well, which was looking fantastic BTW!!

And then got to see Venus pop up over the houses - unfortunately, just packed up, but was oh so bright even to the naked eye - looked even better in bino's!

Anyway, brekkie, the 3 'S's and then work - images to follow!

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Sounds like you had a really nice morning Daz, those crisp early hours are the best for viewing and imaging.

Just one thing though, that won't be venus you saw this morning - Venus is an evening object (low in the SSW). More likely to be Jupiter...


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Looking forward to seeing the pics..

Last night was probably the most transparent I have seen from here in London.

The ZLM was about 5.5!!!!

The seeing was only average but the fact that I could see the double cluster with my naked eye was amazing.

The Orion Nebula was also fantastic in the 18mm eyepiece. For the 1st time I could really see some detail & overall shape of the nebula.

Here's to some more nights like last night, I will happily put up with sub-zero temps to get skies like last night.



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