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Portability of the Heritage 130p

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Ive never realy looked at the underside of my Heritage, but from memory i dont think it can be taken apart and flat packed.

I have no doubt in my mind though that if you are so inclined as such , that it actually could be adapted to do so very easily.

The only part you want to flat pack is the arm connected to the base that you mount the scope on.

Circled in red:Remove it and put a couple of hinges on it or something................or just nuts and bolts.


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Yeah. Knowing me it'll fall apart, though I would still be able to mount the scope on my SW GoTo.

Seriously though, if it doesn't come apart easily I wouldn't force it. Looking at it I'm thinking if I pack the base without the scope to one side of the car boot without the scope attached I can pack the rest of our gear around it. There's another little nook I can put the scope in.

I don't have the scope yet but I'm hoping I might before I next head off to visit my Sis in N.Wales.

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If it were my Bro in law he'd probably have the OTA stuffed full of socks. He doesn't waste a scrap of space when packing his car.

A couple of years back, whilst visiting his parents in Redhill, Surrey, with my Sis and their two grown kids and all their luggage stuffed in a Vauxhall Vectra, he purchased a 32inch LCD TV in the Jan sales. I was thinking, 'How you gonna get that home.' But he did it!

He took the packing out of the box and packed the TV back in the box with soft clothing and rolled up the holdalls that the clothes were in and stuffed them under the chairs I believe.

If I were him I'd probably get a 200p in the car with all the family somehow.

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Agreed with the above. Bought my Mum one for xmas and she is able to very quickly whip the tube off leaving the base that fits neatly behind and under the dresser in their dining room, then the tube fits in a cupboard. You could do the same when packing it into your car and it won't take up much space at all.

It's a cracking "grab and go" scope.

Good luck!

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