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  1. Blimey - read the post title and tout it had gone off already! Maybe it has
  2. Another vote for the skywatcher heritage 130p. I got my mum one for Xmas and think its great. Really simple to use, and if you just want to have a simple grab and go scope, on a decent budget, I don't think there is much that'll do a better job.
  3. Once you're looking through it at night you should find that it's not an issue. You can tell when you're looking thought the middle of the finder and the red dot will sit in the correct part of the sky. You can move the dot about a little by moving your head, but not enough to make it "off target" when you have a 30mm + ep in your scope.
  4. I'm way more excited than I probably should be about finally having a complete EP set in a shiny new case
  5. Lovely pictures. Venus was amazingly bright earlier this evening. Never seen such a bright light in the sky! Thought it was an incoming plane at first, had to grab the binos!
  6. Thank you for the tips Demonperformer. Most useful to know. TBH, it sounds like its going to be a lot simpler to go for a wedge to start with! I'm amazed that it requires so much exposure time actually. In the past, I've got some pretty great milky way photos just with a good DSLR set to bulb for 30 seconds on a tripod (no scope at all)(in a very dark site on holiday!) I'm pretty sure that a 30 second exposure through the EP of a glob or bright DSO would give a bright image, especially if it was made up of 10 x 3 second exposures or maybe 3 x 10 second ones. No?
  7. Do you think it's 'really' necessary to have the camera modded if you only intend to take the odd AP pictures. Surely having a slightly weaker red spectrum is not a massive issue. Can't you pump up the reds in photoshop after taking the pictures?
  8. Thanks for the help Gina, a great explanation. Are there any mods that can switch between "normal" and "non-IR" modes? I'd not really want to buy a DSLR and have it modded so it can then only be used for AP.
  9. Oh ok, I'll have a look once I've got a camera. I assume they can also be bought for canon. Many thanks for the help SGL.
  10. Can I ask what this talk of "modded" means please.
  11. ^^^ I assume I'll need a wedge for my CPC8 in order to be taking multiple long exposures of DSO's?
  12. Something like this? Is it mainly to remove the need to stand there taking 30 shots for 30 seconds each? Nikon MC-36 Remote Control (FRG21601) - wex photographic
  13. Having had a good look about just now, I'd say that this one seems a pretty perfect size and shape and price. Good for 4 or 5 epos and a few other bits and bobs. Small Flight Case : Flight & Rugged Cases : Maplin Electronics
  14. I also swopped the finder scope for one of these and find it way easier to use (once you've zeroed it correct ally - which is easier to do in daylight by pointing it at a tree or building a mile away) First Light Optics - Baader 30mm Sky Surfer III
  15. I have the same scope. Its fantastic once you get it all sussed out!! You'll need a low power EP about 30-36mm (I think about 36mm is the lowest power the CPC8 can use, I have a 40mm meade plossl, but the view if the same as with a 36mm I have. It just looks like everything is further away but both EP's actually cover the same field of view. I find that about 8mm is the highest magnification that the scope can usefully go to on the planets and moon.
  16. Agreed with the above. Bought my Mum one for xmas and she is able to very quickly whip the tube off leaving the base that fits neatly behind and under the dresser in their dining room, then the tube fits in a cupboard. You could do the same when packing it into your car and it won't take up much space at all. It's a cracking "grab and go" scope. Good luck!
  17. Oh, will if it won't work on my macbook or iMac anyway, then is there any need to have a Canon? I'm quite drawn to the Nikon 7000
  18. www.astroplace.net - APT - Introduction Is this it? Willit run on my iMac?
  19. Can I ask what they are/mean please? Sorry for my nubie-ness!!
  20. Anybody used the Nikon 5100d? There is one for sale on another forum I go on for £460 with the 18-55mm IS lens. Must say the one at Tesco looks very good for £280!
  21. So are you saying that mirror lock up IS essential to have? I'd have though it'd make little difference on a 30 second + exposure in the dark.
  22. Thank you for the replies. I'll look into the range. I was think of going to an older cheaper (200 quid) thing off ebay, but if I can get a new one for not much more then that's probably the better bet. Thanks again.
  23. Sorry if this has been asked repeatedly. I had a look but didn't find anything. I have a CPC8" and would like to try taking some images. Only have a Canon S95 at the moment as I sold my D300 and all lenses about a year ago due to never using it! I'd like to get a DSLR for AP and the occasional other thing. Any ideas about what a good AP camera "must" have? Also, are there any super simple software packages that will take all the RAW files and stack them up for me?
  24. I've had an EP on back order for weeks due to what the retailer called "The Stargazing Live effect" Had to have a chuckle when he said that! Bit annoying to be honest, but if it gets loads more people interested in the night sky then its a very good thing!!
  25. Lenny was pretty funny about 15 years ago. Didn't think he'd done anything since!
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