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  1. Hi ... What makes you think that it's "out of date" ?
  2. If the grooves spiral then that means it's the infamous Converted TA(nk Barre)L version ... honest ;-)
  3. Annoyed the hell out of me too !!! Isn't it great being a grumpy old git ??
  4. Unfortunately Lovejoy is just above the rooftops of my neighbours houses at the moment. And I try to avoid that area of the sky in case they think I'm perving ;-) I'm rapidly running out of viewable sky !!! :-O And I'd just like to add my thanks to the thanks that have already been issued. Thanks ;-)
  5. I'm lucky enough to own a North Face Nuptse hooded jacket which is very warm, very light and windproof. I tend to wear a baseball cap underneath the hood as it stops it from flopping across my face. I bought some uber cheap (£12) insulated walking trousers from Aldi the other week and they're very toasty when worn over a pair of trackies. For my feet I usually wear thick socks and trainers, or snow boots when it gets really cold. I keep a foam sleeping mat draped over the garden bench for when I fancy a sit down. My good lady wife also keeps me supplied with hot drinks in an insulated mug. Sorted ;-)
  6. I still think my Right Angled Corrected Image finder was my most useful accessory, but they're not everyone's cup of tea .
  7. Hi Martin ... FWIW - I've used PTFE tape on my heritage 130p without any problems. I'd try and avoid any type of grease near your eyepieces
  8. Hi Dan ... I've got the Heritage 130p and the Explorer 150 on an EQ3-2 mount (except that mine's the longer PL version) I've had the 130p quite happily sat on everything from a garden table, a bar stool, a garden bench, all the way down to sitting on the ground. You can pick it up quite easily and walk to a better vantage point. I quite often just chuck it out the back with a low power eyepiece in it and it's ready in minutes. The EQ3-2 (and probably any equatorial mount) takes a little longer to set up (for visual observing) but you should be able to do it in about 5 to 10 minutes when you've had a bit of practise. But I must admit that it's a bit of a faff to move it anywhere once it's set up as effectively you'll have to start all over again. I actually ended up building a dob mount for my 150pl which now gives me the best of both worlds ;-) HTH
  9. Dear Santie ... Could you please take about 20ft off of the Silver Beech trees that have sprung up around my house ? I'm getting fed up with trying to get a decent night's observation through a vertical "porthole". Cheers M'Dear
  10. I had the same problem and symptoms ... Laptop running Win 7 and, as you say, a "cheap generic USB/Serial adaptor". Firmware would find the handset and display the firmware version ( so they were talking at that point). But every time I hit the update button it would fall over with the "Can not connect to a SynScan hand control" error. I ended up turning the handset speed down to "LO" and it worked a treat, you just have to be a bit patient though as it seemed to take ages.
  11. Hi Stevp ... I bought this mount with a SW Skymax 120 and I think it's great ! I've had great fun sticking all of my telescopes on it, except for the 150PL, and it works fine. You will have to be careful with the Evostar though because of its length - it may whack the tripod legs when approaching the Zenith. Also look into getting a PSU as it eats batteries and it can also throw a wobbler when they're running low. Hope this helps
  12. Hi Rob ... I've got a 150PL and have encountered the same problem. My solutions were - a) Keep a 127 Mak to hand and/or build a dob mount Hope this helps ;-)
  13. The Dob mount's nearly finished and I've just got my 9X50 RACI Finderscope. Roll on the dark nights ;-)

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