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  1. if your feet are cold put a hat on
  2. if you are using too much magnification the image will always be blurry , remeber more mag = poorer image
  3. Ant: removed post. Stop being rude.
  4. they cant find the black n decker to polish it
  5. its because of the atmosphere, the lower down to the horizon the sun or moon is the more atmosphere you are looking through to view the sun/moon the more it is magnified lol i dont know where you got the above link or where they got their "info" if you belive that you can also belive in astrology or creationisim ... if its an optical illusion then why does it look normal sized when high up in sky ?? why does perspective stop working when its high in the sky ?? .. . perhaps we are looking through less atmosphere ...nah i dont belive it ps this is the best laugh i have had in ages .... pps why
  6. who saw this months "sky at night" program ??? if you saw it did you see the kielder observatory`s 20" dob ?? can you tell us wither or not the mirror was clean ?? it was filthy !!! i wonder why they dont clean it ?? answers on a postcard please ..
  7. on the left hand side of screen in stellarium , there is a confiugure window ...use that work away
  8. hi themos i understand what you mean , but what did you use to align your first scope and finder ??
  9. unless a squirrel has built a nest inside your scope and left big lumps of &*&@ inside it you will not need to clean your scope .... mirrors have delicate ultra high tranmission coatings and other exotic stuff on them ... you really dont want to be touching them if you dont have to . if there is dust water marks ect on the mirror ,just leave it , if you have lumps of stuff try an air blower , cleaning with anything that touches the mirror is a final resort . baader do a wonder fluid , some people use isoproypl alcohol weak solution . i dread to think what nilglass has done to the
  10. the gso ep`s are good but dont bother with the kit , just buy two or three individual ep`s , there is stuff in the kit you will never use
  11. sorry to disagree umadog , !! aligning dead center on the moon with main scope and polar scope can be tricky for a newbie , you have a whole moon to aim at !!! better if you only have a tiny point to aim at ,top of church pylon ect , there is little room for error ,
  12. Hi dove , the pentax is a great ep , but I don't think it is for you lol , selatarious is very lucky if he can spend 500 quid on an ep for his first scope ..... a good alternative would be a bst explorer 32mm for 40 quid , but to be honest just try what you got with your scope for a few weeks till you get the way of it , you might prefer planets or double stars or dsos cheers
  13. polaris does not move ...go for a cuppa ..if its there when you get back ....bingo lol:icon_salut:
  14. hi there ryan , i like the sound of the 130m motorised , its around 170 quid from flo .. the 130p is an f5 scope , this will make it a bit trickier for a newbie to collaminate ,(align internal mirrors) so i would not bother with that one a motorised scope like this is good for kids to look through as it follows the object you point the scope at , rather than it drifting out of view but have a good look and do your research , have you looked at dobs ? perhaps a skyliner 150p . cheers
  15. so what kind of scope do you have ?? you can see saturn quite clearly through bino`s , it unmistakable . like a little kids toy floating in space .....
  16. Ok do not use the moon to align your finder scope , its too big to get accurate . You will be way off. Try to align during the day using a church or pylon over a mile away . Also do not use the planets for alignment , they move too much for accurate use If you focus on the moon ,it should be just about perfect focus for the planets ,you will only need a tiny tiny adjustment . Also spending time looking at the object ..letting your eyes adjust ..
  17. tribal what kind of motorbike is that in ytour avatar ?? and yes anything over 250x mag will be unsable in the uk mostly
  18. hi there , you adjust the focus on the planets till the object ( ie jupiter) appers really sharp . you will be able to see three or four moons , if you see the dark spot when focusing you have went far to far the wrong way . which planet (s) were you trying to observe the focuser is not a zoom ... i take it you know that mars will look just like a smaal white dot in a small scope just now
  19. oohh arrrr ,cap`in these ebay eyepatches `r great , where`s rodger the cabin boy when you need `im
  20. i dont think you are looking at planets .... maybe a bright star nearby or out of focus ??
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