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  1. I love the combination of a Dob and Hyperion zoom EP. If you step away from the EP and lose your planet, zoom out and re-centre. Simples!! I'm sure any child would find nudging a simple AltAz mount far more intuitive and easy to understand than polar alignment RA and DE with an EQ mount. The views of all DSO's and indeed the number to be seen will improve with aperture. 8" Dob and Hyperion zoom, £450 oh and you'll be wanting to make a solar filter for the Venus transit, +£20. Added, I check the colimation of my 6" Dob every session with a quick star test. I've done it once since new and it re
  2. Fleeting but frequent glimpses of the Cassini division tonight at x150, very pleased.
  3. I finally found some time at the EP. Its been far too long with decorating the house and recent cloud. Anyway, very pleased with great view of Saturn while the 'scope cooled. I then turned my attention to ticking off and observing a few new Messiers. M13 - Spectacular, first view of it and spent a good while taking it in, great to have the Hyperion zoom and tune the mag to optimum. 16mm seemed about best with a good size, detail and contrast. I love this EP. Failed on M108, M109 and M97, my garden, although reasonably good the view isn't anywhere near a dark sky. M65, M66 - Found reasonably
  4. I've just had some great views too, some of the best I've had plenty of detail and a couple of moons from my back garden at x150, would have taken more I'm sure......must invest in a Barlow.
  5. Looks like you've got NGC 6207 in top left of the image too.
  6. Thought I'd had a "senior moment"!! Indeed, the image included is Jupiter, with a couple of moons. The second linked .bmp image however is Saturn.
  7. I've removed IR filter and very pleased with results. Although obvious vignetting in Moon mosaic.
  8. A firework will ignite under water:eek:. Fuel for the flame is contained within the gun/flashpowder. Yes a fire or explosion needs oxygen but that can be found contained within the chemical composition. Sound will be made by the Sun but without a medium for the sound waves to travel through they will not be carried anywhere.
  9. To achieve focus on a Skyliner 150P I needed to get the 1.25" tube a lot closer to the camera body. I can only just achieve enough inward travel on the focuser with the black adaptor (shampoo bottle top) pushed all the way into the focuser tube.
  10. How have you achieved the elusive long exposure mod?
  11. Might try one and maybe THIS one too.
  12. Tiddles

    Hi from Sussex

    Think twice is good, think too much and you'll never make a purchase though!
  13. I've downloaded and tried DSS software. I think I need to follow a few tutorials.
  14. Fixed the automated blood analyser in the transfusion lab.
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