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First Jupiter


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As Jupiter was looking so clear and brilliant last night I thought it'd be rude not to try imaging it. Normally I'm a deep sky imager, so planetary imaging is something I'm still learning. My first few attempts were thwarted by by scope still cooling down. After about 45 minutes things stabilised enough to start to get reasonable focus and shoot some stable video.

The result is:


Jupiter 500 frame stack by jwrfooo, on Flickr

Shot with a SPC900 & 2x barlow, processed in Registax and PixInsight. I know it doesn't compare to most of the images on here, but I'm rather chuffed with the result. Not sure if I've pushed the processing a bit too much, so I may revisit the data again when I've had some time to think.

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Thanks all for the positive feedback, as I say there's a lot of room for improvement, but I was pleased.

JohnC: I think 'barges' are the name given to the dark patches (vortices?) that circulate within the atmosphere.

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Nice. Am in the same boat in being new to planetary imaging. After weeks of cloud I had a reasonably clear night but couldn't capture much.... by the time the scope had cooled down *** started to dew up!

Clearly more to this!

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