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  1. This was taken using an Atik 314l and skywatcher ed80.
  2. Hi guys i have not posted for a while but this is an image i captured of the elephant trunk nebula in bi colour. This target is quite low in the sky but i thought i would have a go anyway:) Image is taken with sky watcher ed80 and Atik 314l. 10 x 1200 seconds Ha 8 x 1200 seconds in O3 Any help on ways to improve are always much appreciated
  3. Hi guys i have captured both of these images over the last month. Both were taken with an Atik 314l+ and processed with a bicolour technique. The first is the bubble nebula which was made up of 15x 10 minute in Ha 15x 10 minute in O3 calibration frames used but no darks Second is melotte 15 15x 10 minute in Ha 15x 15 minute in O3 I plan on getting an extra channel in S2 to make this into a Hubble palette image. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is welcome
  4. Love the details and the star colours
  5. I am working on the bubble nebula myself at the moment. I will be more than pleased if it turns out half as good as yours
  6. Thanks for the tip appreciate it.
  7. Ok i took on board what you guys said and added more stretches with curves and then used a reveal all mask and then brushed out the over exposed bubble and surrounding area. I think this is better now:) But if you see any more problems i would love to know:) Also Grimmec you said you have done a full narrow band on this object. What is the O3 and S2 signal like on this target? Be good to know so I can work out exposure times for upcoming sessions
  8. That's fantastic advice guys I'll get to work on that. Thank you
  9. Hi guys I managed to get out last night and capture 15 x 600 second subs of the bubble nebula. I am really pleased with the result. I think it might be a good idea to capture a set of longer subs to bring out the background nebula. Thanks for looking and all criticism is welcome
  10. Really like the detail you have captured:) great image
  11. Fantastic image. Can't wait too see more added to this
  12. New to me awell:) very nice object and very nice image
  13. If it looks that good now I can't wait to see it when it's finished
  14. Hi guys. This is a shot of ngc281 using my atik 314l+ . I have had a constant battle with processing with this one. It does not seem to matter what I do I always seem to have blurry images. If I sharpen it induces noise and when I reduce noise my image seems to blur. If anyone has any tips or can point me to a good tutorial it would be much appreciated 14x10 minute Ha 14x15 minute O3 11x15 minute S2 (dropped quite a few subs due to cloud)
  15. Fantastic image.never seen this before
  16. Hi everyone. This is my image of NGC 6960. It was taken over two nights using an Atik 314l+ and sw ed80. Am pleased with the result overall but that middle star was a pain and am still not overly happy with it. I think i need to work on my star control details were 11x 10 minutes Ha 11x 10 minutes O3 Flats and bias were used but no darks. Open to any constructive criticism to help me out in ways to improve.
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