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  1. streaky1

    raw beginner

    Good move ramstar you will do well with that kit and this site has a wealth of info and help.
  2. Great report,I must say the veil look great through your dob on the last visit .just wished I could have stuck around that bit longer! Many more good nights on the way
  3. Nice image, would look good framed and put on the wall real eye catching image well done.
  4. Michael can't say I did see the foam looks a good idea,I was thinking putting half circle cuts and using a camping mat cut to shape,or that sticking foam tape in the cut out half circle to hold the tube, iv had the sandpaper on the box tonight and give it a stain,ready for a coat of varnish unsure if I should paint inside,I can say ply is poor quality from my days working on the wood yard.
  5. Hi ian iv been busy with the hammer again,i would have liked to spy the sky tonight it looked good out but had to get on with this box to get the ota out of my feet (huge box in kitchen) still on the spy for a 2" star diagonal at the right price. your site looks the biz you got some class images Nice!!
  6. Thats a nice scope mark,your scope must be over 30 inches at 102mm did you have to shop around to find a bag at that size, i was looking at a padded bag at work today i thought it would be good for a long refractor i was told it was a banner bag unsure if they are cheap to buy. the wine case on ebay are dovetail joints and are near 35 inch thats the best i found. i do agree its hard to find something,best make yourself one save a few £££
  7. micheal ken has told me he made one will have to take a look at, i just fixed this together nothing flash need to get the scope out of the big cardboard box its too big to store.
  8. Hi michael many thanks,i got a lock clasp and handle to fix on but need to sand it all down and throw a coat of paint, unsrue about foam pads will use them see how it goes but might need to look at longterm and if it is strong open for ideas.. Mark hi i was at bq other day and seen a ok cheap bag but it was dead kill for my ota the bigger bag was not so good so thought go case, i did see some wine cases on ebay for £7 they look near to what i have made,i bet its easy grab and go mark.
  9. Anyone got pictures of a refractor box they have made, would like to see other members ideas, just put one together out of dob base offcuts,two hour venture to home a refractor.
  10. What a fantastic night graham,seen your tv interview nice one,spoke to hannah by email and she said more footage to be shown tomorrow worth looking out for. I too got home and said WOW!!! Bring it on.. many more:hello2: Many thanks for helping me be part of this graham. Owen.
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