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List of who's Attending SSP 2011

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Ok, Someone requested that I make a list of everyone that is coming to the starparty so here goes. If i've missed you off the list or your Forum name is not on there, then please feel free to repost with yours next to it.

Many thanks

Darren :)

Here goes

Darren and tracey - Stargazer1980

Jonathan Hicks - JohnH

Michael Morris - Michael Morris

Michael Dunne

Peter Phelps

Mark Whitehouse

Peter Adams

Marion Clarkson-Grove

A R Jones

John Pearson

paul manton

S Russell

Toby yeatman


robert small

Robin Wilkey

Paul hackett

Anthony Rigden

Ruth Grainger

Nick Howes - NickH

Emily Baldwin - Emz

Carole Pope

Dave Rowlandson

David chapman

Paul Southwell

Yvonne Mason

Mike Ward

Cassandra Shanks

Iain Melville

Nick Itchener

Geoffrey Curran

Matt - Slippery Squid

Neil Richardson

S J Green

Jeffery Hopton

Jeremy Wakefield

PJ Noon

N Armitage

S V Coll

S J Goodman

S L Longdon

J Pakenham


William Gard

John Fathers

John Huntley

Jim kelly

Duncan Milburn

John McLean

Anthony Garrity

Robert Holder

Claire Parker

Matt Hughes

See you all there

Darren :)

PS remember if your names not on here just add it (doesnt mean you havent paid lol)

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