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  1. Good times had by all! Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes hard work that was put in, much appreciated. & cheers to our pleasant neighbours too ;-) Claire
  2. Whatever! Looks rubbish Enjoy!!!
  3. Sorry! Have I been on the wrong forum all this time? I thought it was Spirit & Soul Lounge...?
  4. Hi Daczzr, Welcome from Bristol! Enjoy the skies with your new scope. Claire
  5. Didn't your wife call to say the washing machine won't stop chucking out bubbles & she needs your help ..? Exciting!! Claire
  6. You wait! There may be a day that comes when you want to trade it in for a better model & you Will feel guilty yet excited at the same time! I did the same thing! I traded a 6" for a 12" & now I'm a very happy girl!
  7. I think I'd quite like to present my own physics programme! I'll start with GCSE level. Just off to buy a cubic zircona & call "rent a z-lister"! TBH, I quite enjoyed it.
  8. Please see below "Me to Sainsbury's lady: 'Do you have any astronomy magazines?' She replies 'Only Soul & Spirit', ... nooooooooooooooooo" She then went on to say they don't stock them because it's not that popular a subject to bother having magazines on the subject............ Red mist rising & that's because I'm Scorpio! LOL:hello2:
  9. I have never been so happy to have got up in the middle of the night! Claire
  10. Hi, Great photos, thanks for sharing. Shame the skies weren't better but nevermind. I notice the glow from our tent makes it looks like we had a couple of heaters on (someone quite rightly described one of them as a rotisserie! ;-) Nice to meet you Claire
  11. Thanks for that link Steph, I just showed Neil so he could see what he missed - you snooze you lose!! ;-) Nice to see the old friendly faces & a lot of new ones too. Hope everyone had a safe trip home. All the best Claire
  12. I'm booked for the whole week so hoping I get a few good nights! However, I'm procuring a back-up plan, mostly rose cider, for those nights I need to stay in! See y'all there! Claire
  13. Will be great to see everyone again, looks like some new names too, which is great! Claire a.k.a Shaula & Neil a.k.a. DrummerP
  14. I posted this article on my works astronomy forum: BBC News - Sun storms 'could be more disruptive within decades' to which a colleague asked the following: The language used seems counterintuitive, but I suspect it is just my lack of understanding. Can I ask - if the sun is leaving the grand solar maximum, why will this result in an increase in radiation hitting the Earth? In my mind, solar activity is linked to decreased stability in the overall magnetosphere of the sun, so that things are generally more turbulent and unpredictable as the ebb and flow of gas/energy becomes, I suppose less laminar. When solar flares and sun spots do occur I would have thought these are on a greater scale than at the solar minimum (of the 11 yr cycle). This is extremely simplistic and is how I can best understand what we know about solar dynamics. Does the grand solar cycle work differently? I have no idea!! not familiar with this area at all, can someone answer this please....? Thanks Claire
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