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  1. Thanks guys, Shane, I don't think il be at PSP this year, didn't book when I should have and soon starting a new job so not sure if il get time off :-(( . I do have a telrad but got to find somewhere to add it to the scope lol. My next project now I guess is making the filter for my finder and making a shroud and hoping the sun will be out once I get round to it!
  2. Yeah I remember from making the filter for the other dob, just have to find where I put the actual filter sheet. At least with this Rubbish weather I can make it in advance lol..... I am determined to at least find this blumming sun if I can't navigate at night lol
  3. Ok so I guess I make a shroud first and try the shadow method again. My scope is goto but didn't think about using that to find the sun as I didn't think I could align it with anything because of it being day time. If that doesn't work I will make a little filter for my finder I guess and hope to god that works instead. If I focus the scope on something in the distance before I search for the sun that should help a little too right? Arghhhh seriously feel useless not having anyone local to talk me thru it. I'm a visual learner more so than reading something and being able to do it. :-(
  4. I do have some of the film and did think of the idea of making a little filter for the main finder but wasn't 100% if it would work. I have tried the shadow method before with no luck but I think it's just me. I was also thinking about getting a shroud for the truss, would this help do you think? My lowest power eyepiece is a 40mm so I guess it's just attempting it again and seeing what happens, but wud really love to find the sun and use the filter that is nearing a year old and cost a fortune to buy. I think I make things more difficult in my head tbh, but you guys always seem to make it sound so easy which is why I feel so stupid lol
  5. Ok so with observing the night sky out for me at the moment due to how late it needs to be I decided to buy a solar filter for my 8' truss dob..... Problem is I just can't find the darn sun with it and it's really making me question weather my love of the universe is enough to actually get me learning the tools I need at night and now even during the day to see the sun. Iv all but given up in all honesty now. I have a solar finder but need to figure where on the scope to fix it plus how to align it without blinding myself with the sun (if I actually managed to find it lol). Guess I need an idiots guide or something :-(
  6. Never thought of using my greenhouse!!! Might have to get it in there as its still in a black bag in shed lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  7. We will have a new tent too, need more space incase it does rain at any point as I was cramped and miserable this year and at least we cud have the two chairs up and a table to sit at, the other tent is still fine though tbh... Get ur thinking caps on guys for ideas of what to do incase of rain.... I'm kinda thinking that the more experienced people could have a little group of 5 or so and we could all sit down and ask questions or ask advise and so on... Only those who want to give there time up during the day that is... Although its going to be beautifully sunny each day so we can all look at the sun till we go blind lol.... It was just a little idea though :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  8. Awww, you all do a fab job, I no how hard it is to create an run an event as iv had to help organise our local carnival a few years back, it's thoroughly enjoyable to see it running smoothly when the time comes... My offer of any help needed is still here. I agree the quiz was a brill idea and was a lot of fun for everyone so it should definately be a regular thing.... I will swat up thru the year lol I did manage a few of the answers though which surprised me ;-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  9. My main problem is I don't drive but I'm sure I could convince the mother to drive me somewhere every so often. Nightfisher are you meaning digley? Think I will badger my mum to take me up there at some point when it's clear :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  10. I need to go for a walk around with the dogs and see if I can find anywhere... Need a dry day first though
  11. I was interviewed on last months S@N at the peak star party :-)
  12. I'm hoping for a clear sky at some point this week to attempt again the alignment and search for a few objects, I'm determined I will get out whenever I can now and hope I manage to teach myself a few things ready for next year :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  13. I want one too!! I'd learn a lot from it I think lol
  14. Most stuff that was clean and for the loft is up there now, tents in shed waiting on a dry day, cool box emptied and cleaned so having a break with a coffee, cig and tv before I tackle the rest.... Came home with my raffle tickets :-( was ment to give them to rustmonkey to check :-/
  15. Yeah it was a bit of a struggle but there was 3 of us doing ours so it wasn't too bad.... Not far off home now and really not looking forward to unpacking and cleaning everything lol
  16. Yes before the meeting we went out for a pub meal, was around somewhere lol :-)
  17. Well goodbye shallow grange for another year! Thanks to all for a good informative weekend even with the Rubbish weather.. Thanks to those I spoke to for taking time to answer my daft questions yet again and hopefully come away with a little more knowledge again, see u all next year hopefully!! For a fabulously clear observing weekend that we must be due lol :-)
  18. All set up too, bring on the clear skies :-)
  19. Ahhhh anyone bringing a spanner? Forgot to pick it up on way out the door. Need it to tighten gas bottle connection :-(
  20. Just in gossip now so won't be too long, can't wait to get tent up and get kettle on lol :-)
  21. Lol.... We are on the road now so see u all when we or u arrive :-)
  22. Awwww no!!!! Hope it all works after a bit of playing about with it!! :-(
  23. Hahaha love the hat stu!! Mine arnt much better... As long a story keep us warm who cares lol :-)
  24. I'm so excited now!!! Silly but can't wait to get around people that like the same thing as me and be away for a bit to just chill out so fingers crossed we will have some decent skies along with our usual cheery nights lol, just can't wait for our lift to arrive at 11 then pack up and get going :-)
  25. Gave up looking at the forecast as last time I looked it was actually saying things like 50% cloud etc so thought woop that's better than nothing compared to yesterday when I looked lol, iv got everything downstairs except the scope so all ready to go really..... Only bringing 1 bottle of wine so may need to make a trip for more alcohol if weather doesn't look up, Craig are we having our get together all out in the fog playing with Chester? Lol x
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