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  1. Hi Malcolm, Sorry, for those of you that don't know SSP is the short name given to the Salisbury Star Party. Many thanks Darren
  2. Hello all, Planning for the 2012 SSP is now in full swing. Apologies that I have not been on for a while but due to family circumstances I have been away for a while but now back on track. New location found for the SSP and you will all know in due course. You will be happy to know that the provisional date for the SSP Will be in August and will coincide with the Perseid Meteor shower, which I'm sure will be a great relief for many. Website is currently under construction and will update you all as and when it will be released. Many thanks for your patience and will update you shortly. Many thanks Darren
  3. Hi Emily, Glad you enjoyed it 2nd time round, apologies to everyone for the rubbish weather. Look forward to seeing the article. Thanks again Darren
  4. Well im glad you all made it home safely, especially Michigander and Michigoose ( Dana and Marion ). Just want to say a massive thankyou to everyone. You have made this year yet another fantastic event and I couldnt have done it without you. A huge shout out to Nick Howes, the lineup of speakers was excellent and everyone thouroughly enjoyed them, so thankyou. Dr Emily Baldwin, your chilli on Thursday night (although not as spicy as some of our guests in the static would've liked) was excellent and a nice little opener for your 2nd SSP. Thanks for opening the talks on the saturday morning and I look forward to your write up in AN. Mr Iain Melville, Although your side kick (AKA RichieJarvis) wasnt there with you, I thouroughly enjoyed your company and it was good to catch up again. Hopefullly I'll see you at IOW next year fella. Steph and Carl AKA Dobserver and Darknight, so good to see you back for your 3rd SSP and thankyou so much to Reece for making friends with my 10 year old son Jamie and keeping him entertained and showing him his first ever taste of the night sky ( I believe it was 10 Messier objects and Jupiter in his first night?) Just to say again, a massive thankyou to you all. I'm so happy that, despite the weather, the majority of you turned up. Now on to business I guess............ I know I said at the end of the talks that there may not be another SSP next year, but after you all said how much you enjoyed it and how well organised the event was (except for a few administration and logistical nightmares), I have decided that despite all the setbacks and roadblocks that I have faced, SSP will be back for its 6th event next August, and yes I did say AUGUST (you cant get rid of me that easily . Now for some of you that will be a sigh of relief and for me it is also as october isnt ideal. It was only at that time of year as that was the only time that the campsite would take us. It will be held at a different location but still in or around the Salisbury Area. I will be scouting out and staying overnight at several locations between now and the New year and the dates and the location will all be posted up on the website Salisbury Star Party some time after the New Year. Well thats it from me for another year, sorry I haven't posted much else on SGL apart from SSP for the last year and a half but since my Mums death in 2009, my uncles death last year and the death of a close friend of mine this year, its been hard enough getting the event organised by myself on top of work commitments too, let alone trying to keep up with whats going on on here also, so for that I apologise. Any way Goodnight all, back to work for me tomorrow ( no rest for the wicked ). Clear Skies to you all Darren
  5. What the man above said. Yes of course its fine. Busy getting everything sorted now so see you all there and have a safe journey Darren
  6. Hi Matt, Apologies, but that was an error on the website which I have now corrected. A bit late I know so apologies for that. We did try to get additional speakers but some were off filming or unavailable, so its all up to date now. Thanks Darren
  7. Eat, drink, be merry and drink some more and play guitar. Have a bit of a sing song and then back onto the drink again and when its clear.........we do the same and then feebly attempt to play with our scopes
  8. Thanks Rob and tell Amanda she is more than welcome to come over Darren
  9. Hopefully see you there and you're welcome Thanks Darren
  10. Hi Carastro, The talks are being held on the the Saturday as stated on the website along with the planetarium and the hogroast. See you soon Darren
  11. I did put a post up about it but admin have removed it. Its being held 23rd to 30th October. Please visit Salisbury Star Party Thanks Darren
  12. This is me and my girlfriend Tracey AKA Stargazer1980
  13. Ok, Someone requested that I make a list of everyone that is coming to the starparty so here goes. If i've missed you off the list or your Forum name is not on there, then please feel free to repost with yours next to it. Many thanks Darren Here goes Darren and tracey - Stargazer1980 Jonathan Hicks - JohnH Michael Morris - Michael Morris Michael Dunne Peter Phelps Mark Whitehouse Peter Adams Marion Clarkson-Grove A R Jones John Pearson paul manton S Russell Toby yeatman Jordan robert small Robin Wilkey Paul hackett Anthony Rigden Ruth Grainger Nick Howes - NickH Emily Baldwin - Emz Carole Pope Dave Rowlandson David chapman Paul Southwell Yvonne Mason Mike Ward Cassandra Shanks Iain Melville Nick Itchener Geoffrey Curran Matt - Slippery Squid Neil Richardson S J Green Jeffery Hopton Jeremy Wakefield PJ Noon N Armitage S V Coll S J Goodman S L Longdon J Pakenham M JEFF William Gard John Fathers John Huntley Jim kelly Duncan Milburn John McLean Anthony Garrity Robert Holder Claire Parker Matt Hughes See you all there Darren PS remember if your names not on here just add it (doesnt mean you havent paid lol)
  14. Website is currently under construction and should hopefully be up and runningby the end of the month. Thank you to everyone for being so patient Darren
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