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Shocked- M31 + others with Bino's on a boat?!

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Well It's been daylight in the 60' North region for what feels like half the year! But the season has well and truly started for me now.

With working offshore on the standby boats (Emergency rescue for the Oil platforms) I'm away for a month at a time, so when I see corking clear skies out here I'm somewhat envious of those ashore.

So lying out on the deck a few nights back just figuring out what to image and look at when I get home I thought I might try the ships Bino's for a laugh; not expecting to see much on a rolling/pitching boat.

But much to my surprise, I scan to find M31 and....yup she was there all-right! Nice looking core on her too! And just making out a faint haze of the spiral arms. :rolleyes:

Had a look for M13 and did just find it, not as impressive though; just making out a hint of a tiny smudge - but this is when it helps to know what you are looking at I guess. :glasses2:

Off course M45 is making its appearance now, still low for me in the early hours (61' N on the ship) But always worth a spy with the Bino's.

And last but not least..just a good old scan across the Milky Way - got to love those wide-field views of that dense spiral arm of ours, for me it's what bino's were made for. ;)

Just goes to show I guess...astronomy can be done in some of the most unsuspecting environments and with low budget gear..I still walk away with a huge grin on my face! :(

A great start to the season for me, and looking forward to getting home in a few weeks to get the scope going.

Thanks for reading,


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