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H-alpha and CaK activity 4 Sept


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I couldn't believe the hand controller when it showed the last time the scopes had been out was one month and one day previously:icon_scratch: The weather has been poor this summer but that was entirely disappointing.

On the plus side, the sun was in top form with several sunspot groups, filaments, prominences and plages areas. :)The imaging session stopped just before the flare on the 4 Sept. BBQ took priority!:)

Equipment: Lunt60 DS, PST CaK and Skynyx 2.1

Thank you for looking.







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Thank you for the kind words.

Paul.... Enjoy! Solar is such a rewarding side of astronomy. Features which change on timescales we can comprehend, civilised viewing times and generally warmer... Still the same problems with the clouds though....

Kind regards,


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Hi Olly,

Many thanks. The seeing was decent enough to try some magnification rather than the usual mush at higher power. The close-ups are taken with a Coronado CEMAX 2x barlow with the lens screwed direct onto the skynyx nosepiece. Seems to be the only combination to show the minimum amount of Newton's rings on these images. I've not had any luck with the Powermates (2.5x and 5x)on this set-up. They caused severe Newton ring artifacts.



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