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  1. Thanks everyone! Appreciate your kind comments Here is the prominence that was lifting off on the opposite limb at the same time... prom widefield by Mark Townley, on Flickr
  2. Thanks everybody. Robin, was taken from 18.01 to 18.21.
  3. Managed to get a 20 minute animation of the post flare loops in action this afternoon in between the showers following on from the X2.8 class flare... flare-loops-ani-bw-1024 by Mark Townley, on Flickr This was taken with the 70mm PST mod at f14 with a DMK31. Our star certainly is a dynamic thing! Hope you like! Mark
  4. Yes, you must use a UV/IR cut filter with the Baader Continuum, it is hugely leaky above 700nm...
  5. Cheers Steve, just about to shoot some images for today
  6. Some gaps inbetween the bands of clouds after work yesterday, and the seeing wasn't too bad either. All shots taken with the 70mm PST mod - full disk 6 pane mosaic @ f7, closeups @ f14 with the 2x barlow... bw full disk by Mark Townley, on Flickr colour full disk by Mark Townley, on Flickr ar11730 colour by Mark Townley, on Flickr ar11731 colour by Mark Townley, on Flickr ar11732 ar11734 colour by Mark Townley, on Flickr Hope you like them and hope it's sunny where you are! Mark
  7. You'll definitely get better results with a continuum and uv/IR cut in conjunction. I would ditch the polariser for imaging - the light exiting the wedge is already polarised, so all the additional filter is doing is causing the image to be dimmer and causing your exposure time to be longer making the image be more susceptible to poor seeing...
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