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Astronomy Calculators Testing


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Hi everyone,

I've recently finished the second version of 'Astronomy Calculators' and was wondering if anyone had a few minutes to do some testing? I don't really need much - just for some of you to download it and make sure it installs and runs properly. It would be particularly good if you could press each button on the home screen to make sure the calculators open, and if you could try the live data options, also on the home screen. Also, in the two ephemeris calculators, there is a button saying 'Set time to now'. If you could just press this and check it actually works, that would be great!

Here's the download location:


That would be a real help! I can send it off to Sky @ Night magazine when I can be sure it's OK.


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All works well for me.

Just one suggestion. Most of the apps request a mirror diameter in millimetres, but two ask for it in inches (the ones relating to the Dawes Limit and Lunar Feature resolution). For consistency, can I suggest that you make them all millimetres. I don't want to ignite the metric/imperial debate, but there should be a consistent unit, particularly since most things in astronomy (e.g. eyepiece focal length) are in metric.

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I have clicked on the solar live view, and there is no sand timer, or any indication of it loading. I run XP and 10mb broad band?

There isn't actually a timer that's supposed to come up - it was quite quick with my connection, but I didn't account for slower ones (although it should be quick with a 10mb connection). I will repair that when I can - thanks for flagging it up.

lukebl - I'll put them all into millimetres. That inch/mm thing is something that carried on from the first version. Thanks for the help.

My main concern was that I had not compiled it properly, or that some of the features wouldn't work on other people's computers. These problems shouldn't be too hard to fix.

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Thanks again everyone - I put a little blue bar that says 'Downloading...' on the internet things so it doesn't just look as if it is doing nothing. It's nothing sophisticated, but it makes a nice difference. The final version (provided there are no more issues/suggestions) is available at the same URL. You can uninstall the pre-update version via Start --> All Programs --> Astronomy Calculators V2.

I'll send it off to Sky at Night magazine for the coverdisc then!

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